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Florida State football commit analysis: Jammie Robinson scouting report

A veteran nickel

Auburn v South Carolina Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

I’m not sure anyone would have predicted more secondary transfers but here we are. The newest Florida State Seminole is Jammie Robinson, nickel defender, from South Carolina. The hybrid positions in Adam Fullers defense are crucial to its success so it should come as no surprise that FSU pursued a nickel/safety in Robinson. How they utilize Robinson remains to be seen but if I had to guess he will line up at multiple positions.

Robinson brings some pedigree though advanced statistics suggest he was a defender targeted quite often. Finding the strengths of his game was not difficult when turning on some tape though. Lets take a look.

Scouting Report


Robinson is a strange prospect because he gives up a ton of completions but they never go for many yards. He plays safety and nickel for South Carolina so he is often in off coverage against slots or tight ends. I think that this explains some of the high percentages but it is positive that they go down as soon as the ball is caught. I know this may seem like an odd strength but in today’s space race it is very important. Controlling yards after the catch (YAC) is crucial. Seeing Robinson match up with different styles of receiver is encouraging also.

Space Player

It might be a theme for this scouting report but Robinson is very good in the open field. Today’s football is all about finding space and winning a one on one. Well, Robinson is normally the one that wins that battle. Florida State was terrible at leveraging and winning in the open field last year so it is good to see them bring in a player who is strong at it. Watch in the following clip as Robinson makes an open-field tackle. The play is a flare to the receiver in jet motion, Robinson is engaged by a tight end and contains the ball, then makes a play after defeating his blocker. This is the type of desire and athleticism that FSU is in need of.

Defending the Middle of the Field

We all know how bad FSU was at defending slot posts last year. Well, it looks as though Robinson can at least do that much. Robinson uses a good backpedal, transition, and experience to drive on this RPO slant. Football is designed for offenses to find and succeed in space but Robinson continues to show he can get the receiver on the ground after a short catch. This technique is good to see though as FSU has to improve their nickel defense.

As noted above, getting the ball on the ground before it breaks for six is vital in today’s game.