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Three (over)reactions from Florida State’s newcomers

The climb continues with two important transfers


Welcome back my friends to a sport that never ends. While a fork has been put in the 2020 football season things are moving at a breakneck pace towards the 2021 football season. Florida State football is evolving and #CLIMBing quickly under the guidance of head coach Mike Norvell. In recent weeks the Seminoles have landed a number of transfers that will, hopefully, change the outlook on FSU football for 2021.

On Friday, FSU made McKenzie Milton and Jermaine Johnson available to the media. Some of the things these gentlemen had to say caught my attention and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to (over)react.


This was an offseason of filling needs and getting an experienced quarterback. It’s clear from the quotes (and film) that these two young men fill immediate needs. Johnson had five sacks in under 100 snaps last year at Georgia and Milton's story is very well documented. The addition of both, and I don’t want to slight the others, is massive for a program trying to find its floor.


Not afraid of competing? Check.

Doing due diligence on player's background? Also check.

These are the things you want to hear from players when they come into your program. The coaching staff did their homework to make sure these transfers were a cultural fit on and off the field.

This is a program in need of an infusion of character and by all accounts, they have received that these last couple of weeks. Look for an improved attitude throughout the offseason and in the season to make a difference on the field.


Let's be serious, you clicked on this link because you wanted to see some clips of these guys balling. Let’s see you folks (over)react.

Tell me what you think the new additions bring to the team. Does it change your record predictions for 2021?