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Seminole Wrap: Jermaine Johnson, McKenzie Milton interview discussion

First impressions of two of FSU’s big transfer snags

Seminole Wrap logo Murphy Jones/Tomahawk Nation

“Kind of similar to UCF. They were kind of in a rough patch [before he got there]. It’s a similar deal here. There is a lot of talent here, great coaching. It’s about playing as one unit. All the tools and pieces are here for success. I think we have the right leader in coach Norvell. I have full trust in them and I have full trust in this team. I feel like the better we come together and keep working, the better chance we will have this fall.”

“I expect to be fully prepared and to compete in the spring. I am super excited to compete with these guys, the other QB’s. I feel great, I feel ready to go. If we had to play this weekend, I would be ready to go.”

Florida State Seminoles football pulled in two big names in UCF quarterback McKenzie Milton and Georgia linebacker/defensive end Jermaine Johnson as part of its 2021 recruiting class, and the pair spoke with the FSU media for the first time last week.

Austin Cox joins Juan and Perry to talk first impressions and what all this “culture” talk nonsense is all about. As a bonus, you can also find the interviews listed under our show’s page or watch them on our YouTube.

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