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Florida State football commit analysis: Andrew Parchment scouting report

A deep threat pickup for the Seminoles

The Florida State Seminoles are in the midst of a drastic overhaul up and down the roster. The wide receiver position is a spot that was in a need of serious upgrading. Mike Norvell dipped his toes into the transfer portal yet again and landed WR Andrew Parchment from the University of Kansas.

Finding a deep threat was at the top of the list for Norvell so landing Parchment was big. Let’s take a look at some of Parchments strengths and get an idea of what he will bring to the offense.

Scouting Report

Deep Threat

“I’ll take things that are lacking for $500 a Alex.” That’s right, a down the field threat is missing at FSU, and Parchment fills that hole. Parchment shows enough speed, the ability to get on a defensive backs goes, and separate at the stem of the route. The other thing that is nice to see is Parchment can win at the line of scrimmage against press coverage. These were major needs to help spread the field, mission accomplished.

Watch in the two plays as Parchment runs by or away from the defender. The first clip with pure speed and the second with a good route. You like to see a WR capable of winning deep with more than just pure speed. Catching the ball down the field is nice to see as we know that’s not a given. Finally, finishing the play and getting into the end zone is equally important.

Body Control

If you are going to be successful at WR you better be able to contort and catch the ball. Parchment shows he can twist/turn both ways, hand-eye, and come down with the catch. It also helps down in the redzone, as you can see below, that you can track, high point, and twist to make a grab.

Again, more of what FSU sorely needed on the roster. Seeing this from Parchment is exciting as Norvell likes the back shoulder throws. Look for Parchment to be utilized in this manner next season. The nice part about transfers is you can see what they have done and how that translates to your program.