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Noles News: FSU spring semester underway

Meaning, get ready for the transfer portal hooplah to settle

Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images


Antsy with questions and anticipation over what could unfold for Florida State Seminoles football on the transfer portal and recruiting front? Well, do we have the threads for you:


Weezy F. Baby, and the F is for Figg’s Fried Chicken Fridays. Lover of FSU’s honey-tossed chicken delicacy and NFL prospect Marvin Wilson has signed with the Young Money agency:

FSU is losing Grant Glennon to the all-dreaded transfer portal:

Speaking of which, FSU’s spring semester officially kicked off yesterday. Drop/add (the final day to solidify your schedule) is set for January 11th — meaning if FSU is going to snag players from the portal who want to be on campus as soon as possible, we’ll see that solidify by Monday.

FSU already solidified an important one-year transfer:

Indulge yourself in some nostalgia and forget your worries:

When your enemy’s enemy is your enemy:


Some nice performances from some NBA Noles:

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Florida State University’s College of Education will offer a master’s degree in athletic coaching starting in summer 2021 — which I’m sure is welcome news to our comment section, who must be anxious to finally follow through on their promise of coaching better than any of the jabronis on staff.

I don’t know what this means, but, seems like a flex so:

Florida State Seminoles soccer sophomore Jaelin Howell was called into USWNT training camp for the Olympics, one of only 3 college players invited to camp.

*21 Savage voice* 21 21 21 21