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Florida State of Recruiting: #Tribe22 updates, NT&T’s second mock class

NoleThruandThru brings you his second mock class!

Florida State v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

A few months ago, I put out my first Florida State Seminoles football mock recruiting class, and you can view that article here to see how things have changed since the eve of Notre Dame weekend. Some predictions certainly came true while others...not so much. Now it’s time to update and release my second mock class.

Below is FSU’s current recruiting class, ranked 13th in the nation and third in the ACC (behind the Clemson Tigers and North Carolina Tar Heels) at the time of this writing:

NoleThruandThru’s Second Tribe ‘22 Mock Class

This is how I think things shake out as of today—I’m still operating under my preseason prediction of a demonstrably-improved FSU earning 6 wins and a bowl game berth. I’m also operating with a standard class size of up to 25 for high school prospects and am not factoring in transfer portal additions or numbers at this time, although FSU could add as many as seven transfers in addition to the traditionally-allotted 25. In the end, I don’t expect FSU to take a full class of high school prospects—they won’t waste scholarships.

QB 4 star AJ Duffy (confirmed EE)

RB 3 star Rodney Hill (confirmed EE)

WR 5 star Kevin Coleman

WR 3 star Devaughn Mortimer

TE 3 star Brian Courtney (confirmed EE)

TE 3 star Jerrale Powers

OL 4 star Julian Armella

OL 4 star Jaylen Early

OL 4 star Qae’shon Sapp

OL 4 star Tae Woody

OL 3 star Daughtry Richardson (confirmed EE)

OL 3 star Kanaya Charlton (confirmed EE)

DL 4 star Marvin Jones, Jr.

DL 4 star Tyre West (confirmed EE)

DL 3 star Aaron Hester (confirmed EE)

DL 3 star Bishop Thomas (confirmed EE)

DL 3 star Daniel Lyons (confirmed EE)

LB 4 star Daniel Martin

LB 4 star Wesley Bissainthe

LB 3 star Omar Graham, Jr. (confirmed EE)

DB 6 star Travis Hunter (confirmed EE)

DB 5 star Sam McCall (confirmed EE)

22 total high school commits

  • Transfer positions to watch: Offensive Line (1 more, likely interior, hopefully someone who can play center); Wide Receiver (1-2); Linebacker (1-2); Defensive Back (1-2); Defensive Line (1-2, one DT and/or one DE); Quarterback (0-1); Tight End (0-1); Kicker (0-1); Running Back (0-1, depending on attrition)


  • Regarding uncommitted prospects I’ve included in the class, here’s my confidence breakdown (most to least):

A. Tyre West: West, who’s still committed to the Georgia Bulldogs, will publicly commit to FSU during or following his December 4 official visit. Credit Sapp for helping in this one.

2. Wesley Bissainthe: Despite giving Miami (FL) every chance to convince him to stay home, Bissainthe makes a business decision to play in Tallahassee, publicly pledging to FSU on December 4 (hopefully on campus). Randy Shannon and Sabbath Joseph with the assists, but we have to give Chris Marve kudos here.

D. Julian Armella: The Alabama Crimson Tide seemingly have moved on to other targets, and LSU doesn’t have a coach, so the Seminoles strike and keep the legacy home. I’ve long called Armella the most important recruit in years for FSU (based on legacy status, position, and perception), and he’ll now officially don the Garnet and Gold.

LOL. Kevin Coleman: FSU and Oregon are battling for Coleman, and I’d give FSU around a 55/45 edge currently. To me, it’s simple in the end: if FSU gets Coleman back to Tallahassee in December, this one’s a wrap for the ‘Noles. If not, it will be a nail-biter, but as of today I think FSU will land him.

Dan. Marvin Jones, Jr.: This will come down to Alabama and FSU, and I think it’s truly 50/50 right now. Alabama has so much to sell and his best friend Earl Little, Jr. is likely to commit to Bama before the ESP. However, FSU offers him a chance to grow in the Jermaine Johnson template and bring his father’s program back to prominence. This is a tough call, but I think the ‘Noles will ultimately win out for him.

Mullen. Daniel Martin: Martin is tricky because he just doesn’t say much. He loves FSU and has mentioned wanting to get back to campus, so I have to believe the coaches will bring him in during a December weekend. The Oregon Ducks and Vanderbilt Commodores are also strong contenders, but I’ll take a shot and choose FSU. Least confident in this pick.

  • Regarding 2021 4 star WR Destyn Hill: The coaches still expect him to enroll in January 2022, but I’m not including him in the class because we don’t yet know how his scholarship will be coded.
  • Regarding 4 star OL/DL Tae Woody: For a time I thought the Auburn Tigers were going to flip Woody, but FSU’s staff has battled back, and I believe they’ll ultimately hang on to the versatile lineman. Huge victory there!
  • Regarding 3 star ATH/QB Thomas Castellanos: I know the coaches still want him in the class, regardless of position. I’m not confident predicting a flip from the UCF Knights to FSU just yet, but if FSU gets him back on campus in December, I’ll likely add him.
  • Regarding 4 star RB Jovantae Barnes: I really wanted to add him. I REALLY did. However, at this time, it seems like FSU will finish second to Lincoln Riley’s Oklahoma Sooners. This is one to monitor, though, as FSU made a major move with him and could pull off an upset.
  • Regarding 4 star ATH Kendrick Law: Another prospect I want so badly, but I think Alabama is still ahead. I absolutely love Law’s skill set and potential, so this one makes me sad. If there is any way he somehow gets squeezed out at Alabama, FSU could see him fall into its lap. I’ll be hoping hard for that to happen but not confident enough to put him in the mock.
  • Regarding 4 star DB Earl Little, Jr: I disagree with those saying Little and Marvin Jones, Jr. are a package deal. As much as I wanted to include Little in this class as a surprise commit, the signals are just too strong towards Alabama. This is one to monitor, as the Crimson Tide are in great shape for numerous defensive backs, and Little may eventually find himself outside the numbers. If that happens, he’ll be a Seminole. BONUS PREDICTION: If Little chooses Alabama, but eventually enters the portal, he’ll transfer to FSU. Book it.
  • Regarding 5 star safety Kamari Wilson: I just can’t see Georgia losing him, but FSU has creeped up to second place for him and may get him on campus again in December, which would raise a lot of eyebrows. Regardless, the staff set itself up as a top transfer destination should he ever enter the portal.
  • Regarding 4 star ATH Azareyeh Thomas: Fresh off reopening his recruitment, the staff could circle back to Thomas to see if it can gain traction this time around. Too early to tell as of now, but stay tuned. Likely to stay in the SEC, and Georgia Tech has his older brother.
  • Regarding 4 star OT Elijah Pritchett: The staff is still communicating regularly with Pritchett. I think he’ll stick with Alabama, but FSU has positioned itself very well if anything changes either now or later.
  • Regarding 4 star DE Nyjalik Kelly: Only because I know people will ask, I still believe he’ll end up at a different program, most likely the one who offers him the most incentives.
  • Regarding 4 star DL Trevion Williams: I still think either the Ole Miss Rebels or Mississippi State Bulldogs (currently the favorite) will ultimately land Williams, but if he stretches things out until February, he could be in line for some bigger offers. I’d be (pleasantly) surprised if FSU could reel him back in.
  • Regarding 3 star DE Dante Anderson: Teammate of Daniel Lyons and expected to officially visit FSU in December, I’m not certain the staff would give him the green light to commit. Since I predicted Marvin Jones to FSU, I’ll leave Anderson out of the class. If Jones ends up choosing Alabama, Anderson could get the green light and commit to FSU.
  • Regarding 3 star DB DeCarlos Nicholson: The FSU staff really wants Nicholson, but I think he will either stick with his Kentucky Wildcats commitment, or flip to one of the (in-state) Mississippi schools.
  • If- and this is a big IF- the coaches forgive 4 star LB (not safety) Jaron Willis for his summertime shenanigans and decide to push hard for his commitment, I still believe he’ll ultimately flip to FSU. As of today, however, I just don’t know if the coaches would allow this to happen with Norvell’s focus on strong character and locker room dynamics. I didn’t include him in the class for that reason, but his recruitment is incredibly unpredictable, so stay tuned!
  • The Florida Gators are in shambles, and the Miami Hurricanes aren’t much better. We’ll be monitoring names from both programs as potential flips or even transfer portal candidates in the coming weeks. 3 star LB EJ Lightsey is one to watch, in particular, should he decommit from UF.

To say that this staff has achieved success on the trail in the face of adversity is to wildly undersell the job they’ve done. They also understand how the recruiting world has changed, that finishing second place really matters now in the transfer portal era. You’d have to go back to the early-mid Jimbo era to find a staff that relentlessly grinds like this one, and the way they avoid complacency is truly commendable, continuing to recruit every committed player. It’s also about damn time FSU benefitted from instability at other programs, turning the tables on what was an Achilles Heel for the ‘Noles in recent offseasons.

Get into the conversation—drop your mock classes in the comments below and feel free to ask whatever questions you may have! Stay tuned for upcoming podcasts from the Florida State of Recruiting Podcast ft. the Three Stars and if you’re on social media, give us a follow.


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