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Florida State football commit analysis: Travis Hunter scouting report

The best player in 2022

Travis Hunter/FSU Football

Tim Scribble already made the argument that he’s the best player in America — now, let me further introduce you to the crown jewel of the 2022 FSU recruiting class.

I don’t care about rankings or the people who rank them. Stepping off of my soapbox, let me introduce you to 2022 Florida State blue-chip commit Travis Hunter. This is one of those players that you can watch the film and just tell but I’m not going to let you off that easy.

Let's jump right into it.

Scouting Report

No Wasted Movement

Watch the bail technique transitioning to a wide receiver and picking the ball off. That is simply a thing of beauty. While there’s any number of players who can do this. it’s the grace at which Hunter does do it. There are no wasted steps or movement, he stays the same level throughout and then tracks the ball better than probably any WR in his class.

What is important about not wasting steps or movement? Well, it is all about getting to spots before the WR and that is what Hunter does well. So his fluidity puts him in positions to make plays on the football because he can beat WR’s to the spots.


Here we get a glimpse of Hunter driving on the football. Hunter is playing zone technique again and reading the quarterback. You can already see Hunter is working to bait the QB into a bad throw (it works). Hunter recognizes what is coming, drops his hips, t-steps and drives on the football. The football is slightly behind the WR and Hunter is able to make another interception.

Turn on film of some of the other corners in this class and compare their transition abilities. It was discussed above but you see little wasted movement and Hunter is in position to make plays. It is the name of the game for elite CB’s and the traits are there for Hunter.

Elite Speed

I would be very poor at my job if I didn’t share a clip of the 5* WR. Yes, a 5* CB and 5* WR. Look at this young man run. That is 4.4 speed and we all know how well that translates. Seriously, look at Hunter’s game. The hand-eye to see the ball in, transition (yes that word) up the field, break two tackles and then erase an angle. You ever watch the NFL draft combine and the gauntlet drill? Guys always have to slow down to catch the ball. Well, Hunter doesn’t have to slow down.