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Florida State football commit analysis: Destyn “Fat” Hill scouting report

A true burner

Speed kills in football — it’s a tale as old as time.

The Florida State Seminoles are used to having wide receiver after wide receiver that can run a 4.4 forty yard dash. Lately, the cupboard has been bare, so when Mike Norvell and company landed Destyn “Fat” Hill it was a big deal. Not just a big deal for momentum but also a big deal for the overall talent level of the roster.

Let's take a look at some things Hill does well.

Scouting Report

Speed and Ball Tracking

It’s easy for a guy to run fast and try to catch the ball. However, running fast, tracking the ball, and catching it is a different story. We have seen time and time again a player win down the field but not haul it in. Fear not, Hill tracks the ball very well.

So what does tracking the ball mean? Simply put, it means you are able to see it, understand where it is going, and then watch it into your hands. Easy enough right? Now do it while you are running a 4.4 with a defensive back draped all over you. That’s what Hill does and does it at a very high level.


It is easy to be fast but you better be able to get in and out of breaks. Hill runs a slant in the following clip and blows the DB away. Forced to respect the rest of Hill’s game, the DB is on his heels and Hill breaks off a 5 step slant. The fact that Hill never has to slow down to get into his cut is impressive. The WRs who can be playing at full speed all the time are special.

Full package

4.4 speed... check, fluid... check, run a complete route tree... check, yards after the catch... check.

Starting to get the picture here? Hill is a complete WR who can beat you with speed, precision, and power. The following clip highlights the fear of Hill’s speed, his fluidity in and out of breaks, sure hands, and then physicality and ability to finish. It’s an impressive play but an impressive player.