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Florida State football commit analysis: Devaughn Mortimer scouting report

Speed kills

Devaughn Mortimer/Instagram

The wide receiver room at Florida State was in need of in injection of speed. They landed that when Devaughn Mortimer committed recently. This might be the easiest scouting report I’ve been fortunate enough to write. Mortimer possesses a truly elite trait and Mike Norvell’s offense is going to be better because of it. Mortimer is just a three-star WR but he is highly regarded in Florida.

Enough filler words, lets take a look at some clips.

Scouting Report


Typically, I would have three different traits to discuss and break down. This young man possesses an elite trait and I want to spend time focusing on that. It can be difficult to find functional speed and every program is chasing it. While Mortimer is smaller in stature he plays with legitimate 4.4 type speed. You can’t teach that and it is the name of Mortimer’s game.

Teams today like to put elite speed in the inside slot of trips formations to force defenses into specific coverages. In the first clip, you get to see Mortimer lined up in the slot position and he blows the top off. Double teamed all the way Mortimer is still able to outrun the coverage to a spot and make a phenomenal catch. Catches like this are common for Mortimer as he is known for his ability to catch the football.

We know how much Mike Norvell loves special teams. Mortimer scored five return touchdowns in a shortened 2020 season. I would say that is the type of production you are looking for from your return man. This comes back to elite speed again. Quick in tight spaces, the ability to set up blocks, and then run is the name of the game and Mortimer is a master.

Finally, a multi-purpose offensive weapon is becoming a fad in modern college football. Players who can lineup in the backfield or out wide, take handoffs from multiple angles, and catch the ball down the field have become a favorite type for Norvell. We have seen the likes of Lawrence Toafili and Jak’hi Douglas in recent years fit this billing. Mortimer is exactly what is described above and the following clip shows why. Mortimer is a threat on jet sweeps or toss style plays. Here you see Mortimer running jet sweep (a staple of the Wing-T). Mortimer gets the hand-off and runs the designed hump (some might call this trusting his speed but they’d be wrong) and then outruns the defense into the endzone. This play is a great way to impact eye discipline and a player like Mortimer makes it all the more dangerous because of his speed.