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Florida State football, recruiting news: Who’s going to be the first school to pay its players?

Florida’s NIL Law goes into effect July 1st.

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Florida State Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports


Florida State’s pass catchers last year were not good but it’s addition by subtraction and addition this spring; that makes more sense here.

Any time you add a defensive player that can tackle like Jammie Robinson you can expect an immediate reduction in big plays given up by your defense.

It’s reader questions day in the latest edition of the Seminole Wrap.


Maybe this is why the Florida State Seminoles football program is recruiting so well lately; it’s simply a beautiful place to be:

And when the NIL law goes into effect; FSU’s recruiting could get even better:

Chip LaMarca, a Florida Republican lawmaker and the sponsor of that state’s groundbreaking NIL legislation, isn’t backing down. He believes that language in his legislation is lawsuit-proof and says that if the NCAA were to file suit, it would create a public affairs nightmare for an organization already struggling for public support. “They are on the losing side of history,” LaMarca says.

And what if a university in Florida were to follow the NCAA’s legislation instead of Florida’s own law? According to the legislation, that school would lose all financial support from the state.

“It’s difficult for a school to resist what’s going on among elected officials in their state,” says Bowlsby. “They are the very people who allocate annual budgetary allocations to the schools. It isn’t a good idea to be at odds with your elected officials.”

FSU is in the top seven for a fast-rising defensive tackle from New York.

A 2023 four-star from Texas has been offered by FSU.

2022 four-star running back Jamarion Miller has also been offered by Florida State.

Other Sports:

What a remarkable senior class:

FSU is one win away from another first-place finish in the ACC regular season; New Bloods are here to stay.

FSU Baseball has got to get back on track and fast; some changes in the weekend rotation might get it done.

Hopefully Coach Wyckoff’s star continues to shine at FSU:


Play defense, knock down threes. Terance Mann is going to have a long career in the NBA: