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FAQ: How does the NIL delay affect FSU athletics?

Unexpected delay, we answer the questions.

Syndication: Tallahassee Democrat Alicia Devine/Tallahassee Democrat via Imagn Content Services, LLC

This week Florida’s Legislature passed Senate Bill 1028, including an amendment delaying the implementation of Florida’s Name, Image and Likeness compensation.

This will affect Florida State — not just in football, but for all athletes in all sports — and Seminoles fans are understandably curious and concerned as to how this legislation will impact the university in a sporting aspect.

So we put together a quick Frequently Asked Questions that we anticipated readers of Tomahawk Nation to ask. Feel free to ask more in the comments.

Q (courtesy of reader RANOLE): Maybe it’s naive but seems to me the players could force the issue. By refusing to play. Even the threat would likely be effective.

A: It’s unlikely that would help. To fix this, the Governor would have to call a special session for this topic, which is highly unlikely.

Q: So is the guy who did this a Gator?

A: The Senator who proposed the amendment, Florida State Senator Travis Hutson (Palm Coast), went to Lafayette College in Pennsylvania. Huston does not appear to have any ties to UF or any Florida schools.

Q: Can this be vetoed?

A: The entire bill can be vetoed, however the Governor has line-item power only for budget items, not to strike individual lines of language out of legislation. This particular bill is unlikely to be vetoed, as the rest of the bill addresses issues larger than sports.

Q: How much might this affect FSU’s recruiting?

Answers from a few of our staff:

Juan Montalvo III: The first mover advantage is gone. You already see Mike Norvell playing defense on Twitter, as well as defending his players. The sales pitch of “we are the first” combined with the Apex program? Much of its sheen is lost - hard to understate the 10 week countdown becoming a 1 year, 10 week countdown. Other regional competitors now will be able to see NIL legislation turn into dollars before Florida schools. Additionally, the uncertainty can be used for negative recruiting.

NoleThruAndThru: It would only impact recruiting for big name kids who see FSU as basically even with some other non-FL school, where the NIL might be the difference. I really don’t think it’d have too much impact though.

Matthew Minnick: I think the recruiting impact might depend on how much this has been baked into the pitch. If it’s been a huge part of the pitch and now coaches have to go back and say it’s not happening anymore... high school kids aren’t exactly super scrubbed in on the nuances of state government process. It’s just gonna seem like the coach was wrong or misled.

Q: Will FSU still hold classes related to the Apex program?

A: We cannot answer definitively but Tomahawk Nation has requests for comment in to FSU on the subject generally.

Q: What other states are moving forward with NIL this season?

A: At this time, Alabama, Mississippi and New Mexico have legislation in place that will allow compensation this summer. Georgia and South Carolina have bills ready for their respective governors signatures for compensation this year. Several other states have bills for 2022.

Q: Why would this man do these things? What does he have to gain?

A. It doesn’t seem to make sense, does it? There is no immediate “football” relation for Sen. Hutson, he doesn’t appear to have significant funding from higher ed institutions, and he voted for the NIL bill in 2020. There doesn’t seem to be anything tangible to gain. This isn’t positive notoriety, especially for someone in a Gator heavy area, as Mullen and UF were displeased. This amendment, and its passage, was a surprise in a late-session, late night blitz.

We want to hear your questions, which we will answer to the best of our knowledge and ability. Jump in the comments and give us your Q’s, and we will give you our A’s!