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Watch, read, listen: Breaking down new FSU OL Dillan Gibbons

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From one bend to another

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 02 Notre Dame at Louisville Photo by Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Florida State Seminoles have landed a second offensive linemen in a week. I don’t even know how I typed that without fainting. Seriously though, on Monday night FSU landed Dillan Gibbons a transfer from Notre Dame. There is a lot to like about this addition and we will discuss his game further below. This pickup for Mike Norvell and Alex Atkins is all about moving the floor of your OL room up. Gibbons comes in with a wealth of experience, game ready strength, and maturity. Can you say #CLIMB?

You came for the scouting report so here it is.

Scouting Report

Zone Blocker

Gibbons shows an understanding of zone blocking schemes and running a track. In clips of him playing you see an awareness while running his track to pick up, come off, work in tandem with the players around him. Gibbons gets on his path and stays on it and just works throughout the entire play. He allows the running back a chance by getting a hat on a hat. It’s nice to see a well oiled machine at work and that is what Notre Dame’s OL is. Watching Gibbons be a cog in that wheel is exciting. We’ve seen in Tallahassee recently miscues when doing this. Bringing in a player like Gibbons will help sure up some of these issues.


I mentioned it above but watching Gibbons work in tandem with his linemates is impressive. He pickups stunts and twists in pass protection and seems to recognize moves coming. Some players just understand what is going on through tape study and preparation. This is has been a big issue for FSU pass protection in recent years so Gibbons will raise the floor drastically.

Communication is a big part of the OL game and seeing Gibbons play tells you that the ND OL communicated very well. Hopefully that communication carries over and this group can get on the same page quickly.

Short Area Athleticism

Inside a phone booth, Gibbons appears to be pretty athletic. It is one reason why I’ve mentioned that perhaps he could play tackle at FSU with some body transformation. Gibbons displays a burst side to side in pass pro that you like. Gibbons gets off the ball and bends well. He is a little tight in the hips but has good agile feet. The nice part is his hands match his feet as he displays quick hands into defenders.