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Florida State football, recruiting news: FSU one of the country’s best talent factories

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Recapping this week in FSU news.

Jacksonville State v Florida State Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images


Seminole Wrap podcast: From overthrowing the Florida Legislature (well, basically) to securing a quarterback commitment to the NFL Draft to the No. 1 overall seed soccer team debuting in the NCAA Tournament, there’s been plenty of action in the Florida State Seminoles’ sports world.

Tim and Juan break down the football side of things — talking blue-chip AJ Duffy’s commitment, the draft and more — while Perry tackles a quick recap of soccer, along with baseball, softball and beach volleyball.

FSU raising big-time funds for athletics:


The Official Tribe22 Recruiting Thread #4.

Florida State of Recruiting: Next up we have the defensive tackles you need to know. If you missed any of the previous entries you can find them here.

Class of 2022 offensive tackle prospect offered a scholarship by Florida State.

Class of 2023 Texas All-American cornerback offered a scholly by FSU.

Other Sports:

Florida State’s Baseball team continues their climb the polls, and is collecting awards on their way up:


FSU has strong ties to the NFL: