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Florida State football commit analysis: Aliou Bah scouting report

A true people mover

An offensive tackle?

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, your Florida State Seminoles have landed an offensive tackle prospect for the 2022 class. As always that means it’s scouting report time.

We will take a look at some of Aliou Bah’s traits shortly but it’s important to know that he lines up mostly at guard for IMG Academy. The belief is that he will be a tackle for FSU but could play inside if his athleticism doesn’t develop.

This is a big get in more ways that one for the Noles.

Scouting Report


I would describe Bah as a true people mover. This young man locks on and drives everything and everybody that gets in his way. In the video posted below, scouting report by Kevin Little and I, you see shots of Bah drive blocking opponents five or ten yards. He keeps a solid base while run blocking showing good knee bend and getting a foot up and down. Alex Atkins can teach the technique but he cannot teach a player the desire to move people. Bah steps on campus day one with that trait.

Lateral Agility

You get some good glimpses in Bah’s film of his literal agility. He pass sets a couple of times from the guard position and is able to set and then reset on players while flashing quick feet. We do not get to see him pass set as a tackle but showing this agility is important. Bah will have to work on bending better but he’s got quick, soft feet for such a big young man.


Anchoring against a bull rush is about leverage and power. While Bah is still working on the leverage portion of things his power is impressive. Some of it is simply his size but he is a brick wall not often moved around. That really speaks for itself but it’s impressive to see. As he begins to understand the technical side of OL play he will be able to put his power to better use. Former Seminole legend Tra Thomas is the OL coach at IMG now so he will get a head start.