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Florida State football, recruiting news: Stats don’t lie; FSU is DBU.

Your daily dose of all things Florida State.

Wake Forest v Florida State Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Other Sports:

Softball dropped game 3 to Oklahoma in the National Championship; the ‘Noles will be back and better next year.

It’s time for FSU fans to do what FSU fans do best vote:


The College Football Playoff has a proposal for a 12-team expansion.

College Football fans: This format sucks.

College Football fans when they realize this new format might screw over a really good Notre Dame team: Maybe this isn’t so bad after all.


Three-star offensive tackle Daughtry Richardson is on his way to Tallahassee for his official visit:

2023 Tennessee QB Chris Parson was elated by his offer to Florida State.

2024 safety Ryan Mack has also been offered by Florida State.


Taylor Walls got his first homerun:

Xavier Rhodes, Jalen Ramsey prestigious alum of the true DBU:

If your school doesn’t have two in the top five then you can’t claim DBU; those are the rules.