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Video and analysis from Mike Norvell’s June 13th Individual Camp

Breaking down a busy weekend

Syndication: Tallahassee Democrat Tori Lynn Schneider/Tallahassee Democrat via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Florida State head coach Mike Norvell’s Individual Youth Camp held on June 13, 2021 hosted many talented recruits and prospects of all ages.

The Individual Youth Camp follows a number of camps being hosted by the Seminoles that started June 6th, 2021 after more than a year-long recruiting dead period where recruits and staff were not allowed to meet face to face due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Below are some sights and sounds of the camp and updates on prospects that attended alongside analysis by Tomahawk Nation’s CoachAB:

Class of 2023 247Sports Composite four-star defensive line recruit Keldric Faulk out of Highland Home High School running bag drills with FSU Defensive Line Coach Odell Haggins as Defensive Coordinator Adam Fuller looks on. Keldric Faulk holds offers from Florida State, Alabama Crimson Tide, Notre Dame, Florida Gators and 10 other programs. He was named MaxPreps 2020 Preseason First Team Sophomore All-American and had a good showing at Head Coach Mike Norvell’s June 13th individual camp.

Analysis: You see Coach Haggins working with the young DL on developing power and the base of pass rush moves. Notice the player is not in a rush but under control and really exaggerating the slap and flipping of his hips. Creating power and getting offensive linemen off of you is the name of the game. You can hear Haggins praising Faulk on his rep.

Westside High school class of 2023 247Sports Defensive line recruit Jordan Hall running the same bag drill with Defensive Line Coach Odell Haggins and FSU Defensive Lineman Robert Cooper.

Class of 2024 247Sports Kamari McClellin throws with Offensive Coordinator Kenny Dillingham. The talented young Quarterback picked up an offer from Florida State for his efforts at the camp and also holds an offer from Georgia Tech and Auburn Tigers.

Analysis: A nice throw by McClellin here but could have been better. If you slow it down you notice his elbow does not quite get into position and his arm lags which causes the tail on the ball. McClellin is a prospect still developing but shows some light feet and good arm strength. Tightening up mechanics on the deep ball will be a big thing for him going forward. This is a situation where he is trying to muscle up for a throw instead of letting the mechanics do the work.

Another throw by Kamari McClellin.

Both Jordan Hall and Keldric Faulk can be seen here. Keldric Faulk in blue shorts is at the bag closest to the screen on the first repetition and Jordan Hall can be seen on the second repetition working the second bag closest to the screen.

Class of 2025 247Sports Quarterback Davi Belfort from Cardinal Newman High working out with Offensive Coordinator and Quarterbacks Coach Kenny Dillingham. Florida State offered Belfort shortly after completing the June 13th individual camp. Davi Belfort now holds offers from Florida State, Alabama, Arizona State and Florida Atlantic.

Analysis: This is beautiful mechanically. Belfort looks like he could be a stud if he continues to develop physically. You hear Coach Dillingham discussing tempo and Belfort is in position with his drop but has to wait for his WR to get to depth.

Class of 2024 247Sports QB Rahiem Jeter out of Spartenburg High school working the same drill with Offensive Coordinator and Quarterbacks Coach Kenny Dillingham. Jeter does not yet have an offer from Florida State but has offers from Clemson, North Carolina , South Carolina and Auburn.

Some more throws by Jeter:

Florida State will continue hosting Individual Camps, with the next couple taking place on the 18th and 20th of June at 4 p.m. with registration opening at 3 p.m.