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What’s FSU getting in its latest blue-chip commit Antavious Woody?

A mean streak

Antavious Woody/Instagram

As DJ Khaled would say “another one.” Okay, maybe I don’t really know who DJ Khaled is but I’ve heard that said before.*

(Editor’s note: He heard it from us, when we tweeted it. We’ll teach AB about cool teen slang one day.)

“Another one” is exactly what offensive line coach Alex Atkins was saying Monday night. Composite four-star offensive linemen Antavious Woody joined the Florida State commit list, becoming the third offensive line commitment in three days. Woody is listed as an offensive lineman and defensive tackle but his future appears to be on the offensive side of the ball.

To help showcase what the blue-chip commit brings to the table, Kevin Little (XsandNoles) and I took to Zoom to break down the big man’s highlight film.

Here’s some quick background for the non-visual learners:

Florida State football commit analysis


Woody remains balanced throughout his film. Balance for an offensive linemen can be difficult to define for linemen types. What I look for first is does he stay on his feet? Does he stay within his framework? Lastly, can he change direction while in motion? Woody does all three of these things well.


Woody gets off the ball quickly, pulls low and fluid, and gets around the football field effortlessly. You like to see this type of agility from a potential guard or center prospect. Woody shows you the capability to play in a zone or power based offense due to his agility.

A Bad Man

Look, this team needs players willing to compete and fight. This team is also looking for guys with bad intentions and that is Woody. He is looking to finish every tackle, block, or whatever. There’s a clip of him making a tackle as the punter that is very impressive. You see him finish blocks into the sideline, suplex a ballcarrier, and much more.

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