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The Triple Option ft. Josh Newberg of 247 Sports

Midnight Madness and Mega Camp Recap

The recruiting dead period that loomed over the entirety of NCAA football was lifted on June 1st and Florida State Football Head Coach Mike Norvell wasted no time in getting the recruiting efforts up and running.

It all kicked off with Midnight Madness where some of FSU’s top targets showed up at the first possible moment they could have face-to-face contact with the coaches. By all accounts, this event featured time to get to know the staff and an opportunity to drive a three-wheeled vehicle called a slingshot around Doak Campbell Stadium.

The week was rounded out with a couple of camp events. The first was termed the elite camp. This was a more private event where some of the top recruits in the country converged in Tallahassee to have an opportunity to compete against one another in some drills.

On Sunday, the week rounded out with a huge event appropriately called the Mega Camp. Over 1000 players from across the country gathered on the intramural fields to have one of their first real chances to be seen by college coaches since the start of the prolonged dead period.

Needless to say, there was a lot that happened this week for FSU recruiting. Luckily the Triple Option guys have connections with one of the most plugged-in people on the beat. Josh Newberg, recruiting guru at 247 Sports, joins the guys to discuss this week and the impacts it might make on FSU’s upcoming recruiting outlooks.