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Watch, listen, read: What’s FSU getting in its latest transfer Marcus Cushnie?

Here comes the boom

There is nothing like a last-minute transfer portal addition. That is what Florida State and defensive coordinator Adam Fuller got Sunday evening when Alabama A&M defensive end Marcus Cushnie spurned Purdue and decided to join the Seminoles. Credit head coach Mike Norvell for understanding where this roster is and pushing the floor up to try and ensure this team gets to the magic number six wins.

As NoleThruandThru put in the article announcing Cushnie’s commitment, “Cushnie has two years of eligibility remaining and joins Jermaine Johnson II and Keir Thomas as transfer portal additions to the defensive line unit. He’ll provide immediate depth and figures to become part of the rotation quickly.”

And so, as Kevin and I like to do when FSU lands a new player, we took to the X’s and Nole’s YouTube studio to break down what we saw on film.

Thankfully, Alabama A&M had a couple of games out there that we could watch and pull clips from to diagnose.

So what did we find? Our extended thoughts can be found in the video but here are a couple of quick points.

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Scouting Report

Explosive First Step

It’s obvious that Cushnie is “different” when you watch him get off the ball. He is typically two or three steps ahead of everybody else. He is very explosive up the field and it’s the strength of his game. When he wins it’s because he has beaten the opposing tackle off the ball and is by him.


Adam Fuller wants to be able to play games with the defensive line and Cushnie should help with that. Cushnie shows the ability to get OL into their sets and then change direction and loop inside. With his ability to rush with speed it’s very valuable to be able to put your foot in the ground and change direction. I would anticipate Fuller capitalizing on these movement skills.

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