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The Triple Option ft. NoleThruandThru and Tim Scribble

Seminole Showcase recap and more

The recruiting trail continues to be hot for the Florida State Football team and their head coach Mike Norvell. Just this past week, three high-potential recruits committed to the Seminoles and things don’t seem to be slowing down.

Part of the reason for this success is their attention to detail- particularly when it comes to hosting kids on campus. Their main method of doing this as of late is through camps where the players not only get to experience campus but also get to compete against other top recruits.

The latest in this long string of camps was the Seminole Showcase. This event resulted in commitments from offensive lineman Daughtry Richardson and defensive lineman Daniel Lyons which further solidified an already sturdy 2022 class in the trenches.

Just like the FSU coaching staff, the Tomahawk Nation staff are looking at making some moves going into this football season. This video podcast will not only recap the Seminole Showcase but should also give a feel for the kind of things you can expect from the new podcast: The Florida State of Recruiting. This new pod will be hosted by the guys who make up the lifeblood of the recruiting coverage at Tomahawk Nation: Tim Alumbaugh, David Stout, and Josh Pick.