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Noles News: Mike Norvell believes film showed FSU’s fight

Florida State defense played ‘lights out’ in second half

NCAA Football: Louisville at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports


The Florida State Seminoles are now four games into the season and have looked like almost four different teams in those contests. Depending on which one you watched the most of, your opinion of the issues with this club, could vary greatly.

But if you’ve listened to head coach Mike Norvell’s messages each Monday after reviewing the film, the problem remains pretty consistent — self-inflicted mistakes.

This Monday was no different as Norvell again said the tape showed those same issues though there were less penalties. The problem this go around came from negative plays at each position. During his press conference, he called that frustrating because so many groups are seeing issues but he believes they getting better and the issues remain fixable.

The question is how. The coaches gave their best ideas.

The big change won’t came with a big shakeup in personnel as the new depth chart didn’t see any dramatic shifts, but there was another change to the quarterback rotation.

Florida State did find success in the second half both offensively and defensively, but it was certainly too little, too late after the hole they dug themselves in the first half. So what was responsible for that success? A Louisville team taking their foot off the gas or FSU finally starting to execute? The Triple Option team dove into the game tape to find the answer.

Now four weeks in, there are storylines forming around the roster, coaching staff, game-plan and more. Some fair, some more anecdotal than factual. Our Jon Marchant and Coach AB tried to list them out and give their perspective on what could be fact and what doesn’t hold water.


The most important aspect of this season is not the final win-loss record, but how well the coaching staff can hold together the recruiting class they currently have set to come to campus. Many would say the 0-4 start to the year would stunt the momentum that Norvell’s group made this offseason but the head coach sees it differently.

He delivered a pretty passionate message letting the fans know that this current team, the future teams and the coaching staff see the opportunity ahead of them and are ready to capitalize on it.


This week, teams around the NBA are holding their Media Day festivities and there are plenty of Seminoles — some new, some more familiar to the association — ready to make their mark this season.

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This week’s on-campus schedule is a lot less busy than recent weeks with just volleyball and football hosting games.


Fresh off the U.S. victory in the Ryder Cup, former FSU golfer Brooks Koepka is ready to celebrate with what his website is calling the hug and chug collection. His site selling both shirts with 100% of the proceeds going to helping children.