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Florida State football, recruiting news: FSU takes on Notre Dame in Primetime

The Bobby Bowden remembrance decals should be a permanent fixture

Florida State University vs University of Notre Dame Set Number: X158843 TK1


This is about as good of a Notre Dame preview that you’ll find on the internet.

Yesterday’s edition of the Thursday three is newly-minted left tackle Robert Scott:

When will FSU announce its starter at quarterback? At 7:44PM on Sunday night.

It seems like ACC coaches are finally as fed up with ACC officiating as the fans are:

When FSU and Notre Dame play each other it’s usually a blowout or a classic.

Camm Mcdonald, Jashaun Corbin, and Jermaine Johnson are ready to go.

18 college football writers picked the Florida State-Notre Dame winner; one of them chose FSU.


Top offensive target four-star Elijah Pritchett has announced a commitment date; he’ll be on campus this weekend:

In fact dozens of high-value targets will be on campus this weekend.

The 2023 targets have been really impressed with FSU’s edits lately:

Other Sports:

You get to Oklahoma with the work you do in August:

FSU Soccer routed Florida 5-2 one of which was pure art: