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Florida State vs. Notre Dame: Recruit reactions

How improvement from FSU has potential program-changing effects.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

“To me, there’s no moral victories in football, either you win or you lose, simple as that.” - Quarterback McKenzie Milton after a nail-biting loss to Notre Dame 41-38 in overtime.

It may be true that there are no moral victories in football, but there can be program-changing victories (even in defeat, if that makes sense) and aside from pulling off a come from behind top-10 upset, that's just what last night might be.

Florida State hosted numerous blue-chip recruits for Sunday night's game and judging by their reactions, even in a loss there’s something to build on and sell about a program moving forward and an appealing change of culture.

Here’s just some of the feedback:

  • Class of ‘22 5-star cornerback/wide receiver Travis Hunter (FSU commit):
  • Class of ‘22 4-star quarterback A.J. Duffy (FSU commit):
  • Class of ‘22 5-star wide receiver Kevin Lamar Coleman Jr.
  • Class of ‘22 4-star defensive lineman Nyjalik Kelly.
  • Class of ‘23 3-star quarterback Chris Parson (FSU commit).
  • Class of 24’ 4-star defensive lineman Alexander Cunningham.
  • Class of 23’ 4-star offensive lineman Clay Wedin.
  • Class of 23’ 4-star linebacker Raul Aguirre.
  • Even some recruits who weren't there took notice, such as Class of ‘23 4-star defensive tackle Joel Starlings:
  • And Class of ‘22 4-star defensive end Marvin Jones Jr.

The Three Stars (from our Florida State of Recruiting podcast) broke down a list of official and unofficial visitors for last night’s contest during their last pod, and some social media reactions leading up to the game can be found here.

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