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Florida State of Recruiting podcast: The Three Stars talk FSU early enrollees and transfers

Huge and talented class embarks on Tally.

It’s been almost one month since the highs and lows of Early Signing Day for the Florida State Seminoles and already, a lot has changed.

On this episode of the Florida State of Recruiting podcast, the Three Stars discuss which players from #Tribe22 have made it, or are en route to Tallahassee for the start of the Spring semester. In addition to the high school enrollees, the Seminoles are expecting nine transfers. In total, FSU is bringing in one of its largest early enrollee classes. To say this is a roster overhaul would be selling the staff short on what they’ve accomplished.

The Florida State of Recruiting (FSoR) Podcast features the Three Stars: Josh Pick, Tim Alumbaugh, and David Stout.

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