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Florida State football, recruiting news: Baseball takes on NC State; Doubleheader Saturday for Softball

Your daily dose of all things FSU.

Ken Lanese


With FSU on Spring Break, the Triple Option’s latest episode is a mini-review of spring so far.

Episode 1 of The Climb is available now:

It will never happen a 64-team football tourney could be fun.

Clemson, Texas, Texas A&M, Florida. What do all four of those programs have in common? They’re all in the midst of a qb battle.

Other Sports:

Women’s Hoops fell in the first four to Missouri State last night:

Another accolade for Trey Cunningham:

Schedule change for Softball:

Next up for Florida State? NC State:


Patrick Williams is close to returning to NBA action.

Scottie Barnes’ goals are quite lofty: