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FSU recruiting: 2026 QB Jonah Winston gives his thoughts on Florida State

The heir to the throne?

FLORIDA STATE — Class of 2026 quarterback Jonah Winston, younger brother of Heisman winner and current New Orleans Saints quarterback Jameis Winston, was in attendance at Florida State’s quarterback camp last weekend.

The Alabama native is entering his freshman season with the Hoover High School Buccaneers. Winston started his athletic career on the hardwood, playing basketball for Simmons Middle School, but now plans on focusing his time toward the football field.

Here’s a look the full interview with Jonah Winston:

Winston on the Florida State coaching staff

“The conversations I had with the coaches were great at the camp! I did get a chance to talk to coach Norvell when I went to my brother’s graduation. We basically just introduced ourselves to each other and talked about me coming to camp.”

Winston on a potential FSU offer

“Me and my Dad have been talking about this since day one, the offers are going to come! At my age right now the offers really don’t matter because you never know I can stay the same and not improve. I’m going to make sure that doesn’t happen... I will get better as I get older. If I was to get the offer and end up committing that would be amazing it would be like going back home!”

Winston on social media

“I really don’t like to look into that social media stuff… The same people that start cheering for you can change once you make one mistake. It felt good but deep down inside we wasn’t worried about it, I’m going to use it as motivation to get better!”

Winston on Jameis comparisons

“Yes of course I believe I am a better athlete than my brother at this age! He has me beat in smarts and experience though... If there was something I can take from my brother is his work ethic, smarts, passion, and dog mentality.”

Winston on FSU head coach Mike Norvell

“I really like Coach Norvell, I really think he is going to help the Noles turn around this year and be great! To me FSU hasn’t changed they just haven’t had that guy to take them there and I know that guy is Coach Norvell... Just from my one day back down there it felt how it did when my brother was there! I’m looking forward for the Noles to do big things this year!”

Here’s a look at Winston’s highlights from