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Florida State football, recruiting news: #Tribe23 strikes again in the trenches

Johnny Wilson starting to separate himself at wide receiver

Tommy Mire-Tomahawknation


FSU has added another talented defensive line prospect to its recruiting class in Tavion Gadson.

Zach Bolstein of 247sports caught up in-person with four-star OL commitment Roderick Kearney.

An IHOP NIL deal may be in his future:

How does the rest of #Tribe23 look?


Bless Harris and Jammie Robinson spoke with the media in Jacksonville after yesterday’s practice.

Mike Norvell also met with the media.

Is FSU at Miami one of the six most interesting upcoming games of 2022?

CBSSports has FSU going back to a bowl game in the Gasparilla Bowl.

Alabama or the field?

How confident are you in this year’s Noles? I’m more confident than I was two weeks ago seeing how seriously a lot of the guys took their time with Coach Storms this summer.

Case in point:

Other Sports:

The standard is the standard:

If the games in Canada are any indication FSU fans are going to see a lot of three-point attempts from Darin Green Jr. this winter and he’s going to make a lot of them too.