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Head coach Lonni Alameda, players talk Seminoles season-ending loss

“I think the biggest thing is, when you put your head on your pillow at night, you know you did your all and I definitely think that this team did that.”

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FLORIDA STATE — The No. 2 Seminoles fell to the Mississippi State Bulldogs on Sunday night in an emotional loss that ended their season and hopes to go to the super regionals. Head coach Lonnie Alameda spoke alongside her players in her post-game press conference for the senior-laden team.

Tears were shed. A competitive and fierce nature will do just that in bringing out extreme emotions during such a high-value situation. While seeing all of their hard work on the season come to an end, their response is what matters, and although it’s a loss, their mindset and character shined.

Alameda on seniors and the team’s efforts overall:

“We left it all out there and (I’m) super proud of Syd (Sherrill) and Danielle (Watson) for everything they’ve done for the program. It’s pretty incredible the career, it’s definitely not the definition of our season by any means or the people to my right and left. It’s more about today was Mississippi State’s day, nothing went for us. Tip your hat to them and wish them luck as they move forward.”

On the season: “Yeah, I mean, my gosh, we had an incredible run. A lot of historic moments, some incredible come from behind, different people, it was just, you look at your body of work, it’s something you can fall back on, but you still got to execute this time of year and you can see that. I think the biggest thing is, when you put your head on your pillow at night, you know you did your all and I definitely think that this team did that. They gave us a lot this year and so, really proud of them.”

On the impact of a strict first base official and the run game: “I mean it definitely goes into your mind, because especially when you have it at the plate, so if that takes away your running game because you don’t know what’s happening, it’s another out for the team, and when you’re trying to really maximize your opportunities with outs that’s definitely something. It’s not on the umpire, it’s in our hands, and in our capabilities, so this game wasn’t anything about the umpire by any means. It’s still about, I think, something the ball bounces one way or the other and it didn’t for us today.”

On the video replay ruling: “Yeah, definitely momentum, especially with Devyn (Flaherty) and Jahni (Kerr) in that situation, that was a momentum killer for us for sure. You’re fighting for momentum, and there’s small opportunities in games like this, to take advantage of stuff, so when those keep getting taken away, you can definitely feel like things are deflating, and though the kids stayed in it and kept fighting and giving us chances. It’s just hard emotionally, especially I think for seniors when they start to see like, ‘Man, this could be my last swing, this could be my last out,’ and you try to stay focused on that side of it. I thought they did a really good job of that.”

Sydney Sherrill on what this season and career meant to her: “I’ll try to say it. Florida State has meant everything to me, and I’m really thankful that I got to play five years here. Thankful for that extra COVID year, and thankful for this coaching staff. It’s an immeasurable amount of things for me as a person and a player and I just don’t really know how to pay them back. I am just very grateful, and it sucks but, I’m thankful to still be a Seminole.”

Kathryn Sandercock on how it has been with the seniors on the team this year: “They are both just really incredible people and I’ve learned so much from them and they’ve impacted my life a lot and I think that everybody on the team would say the same thing. They’ve all really impacted us and they’re really going to be missed. It just really sucks that it ends this way for them, but I love them both so much and I am really thankful to have played with them.”

The full interview can be seen below: