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FSU Soccer: Post game interview with Mark Krikorian

’Noles advance to a perfect 12-0 record

FSU Soccer head coach Mark Krikorian speaks with the media after a dominant 5-0 victory against the Syracuse Orange.

1. Lately you’ve been able to score in bunches, that ability to break a game open, how impressed have you been by this team?

  • “ We had pretty good control of the game throughout and you hope that at some point we’ll be able to find that seam and create the goal. It’s a great quality if we can continue to do that to score in bunches, it makes the game a little bit easier for us.”

2. What does a night like tonight mean to you when you guys wear the pink and support the cause like that?

  • “ I think that all of our players have a great appreciation for being civic minded and recognizing that sometimes there are bigger things than playing a soccer game... I think that it’s one of those things that doesn’t seem to discriminate and at the end of the day I think all of us have to recognize that sometimes theres something bigger than just a game, I think our players have and we’ve all talked to them about this and we just need to be as supportive as we can of each of these causes.”

3. Coach this is first time I could remember when you substituted all three of your defenders, can you talk a little bit about that decision?

  • “ Part of it was the trials and managing minutes over the course of the season, we need to find those moments where we feel that we can give them some rest in preparation for upcoming games because we’re going to have a tough here on Sunday against Miami that’s probably going to be in the heat of the day. We felt like the other players we put in were really good players so it’s not like we didn’t put some that capable of playing.”

4. I’ve been kind of pulling the players on which ones are coming back next year, it seems like almost everyone is coming back. Have you thought about how the roster is going to be because you have a really strong recruiting class?

  • “ Of course I have... I think we’ve looked at all of it and I’ve met with all of the players to get a sense to what their plans are and we’ve made the adjustments that are necessary. For me it’s just a matter of roster management which that’s my job, I have to figure it out and look at these young ones that are walking in the door and put them together... The bigger picture for them is individual development, when they became a pro maybe they’re going to spend time on individual development or maybe they’re going to worry about just winning games.”

5. Just like you said the depth that you can just plug in and plug out, how comfortable are you because it seems like every player that comes in they just light a spark?

  • “ Yeah, they’re bringing something to the game, that’s the role, you come in as a substitute what are you bringing in and what are you providing because if you’re not providing anything why would I play you. They need to come in and they need to do their job and they need to be effective in their job.”