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FSU finishes opening week with a 3-0 record

’Noles continue to dominate

The Seminoles enter the weekend with a perfect 3-0 record.

They have yet to allow a single goal this season with incredible defensive performances throughout their upperclassmen.

Head coach Mark Krikorian spoke to the media after the win and had this to say:

What are the dimensions she brings to your attack, especially on set pieces, the way she’s precise and creates chances ( Yujie Zhao )?

“ Zhao is a class act, she’s a great teammate, she accepts whatever role it is that comes her way, her technical quality and abilities are not ordinary, there’s not a whole lot of college kids that can see the game like she does, we’re very fortunate to have her here.”

“ Our set pieces put the ball in spots where we need to finish those chances, it’s about timing and just having the composure to score the goal.”

How do you think Maria Alagoa has helped the team improve in such a short amount of time?

“ I think she’s a big talent as she’s shown and she’s going to continue to develop and help us.”

What do you think about your ability to put up shots and just the dominance that you guys had tonight, talk about you guys coming out and taking care of business?

“ As all of our kids continue to play together I think that everyone’s going to better understand how it is that we can get the ball to be out in dangerous situations and allow the opportunity to finish.”

It seems like a couple players you were keeping their minutes down a little bit and and you were substituting in more than you would normally do. Are you trying to keep them fresh for the rest of the season?

“ We’re trying to manage the players and manage the minutes to make sure that we’re keeping everyone sharp and fit, but it’s a bit of a puzzle to be honest, we’ll know at the end how well we’ve done.”

After a dominant performance against South Alabama, the Seminoles will ride their recent momentum in a one game road trip against the Colorado Buffaloes on August 28th at 1:30 p.m. EDT.

Tune in at 1:30 p.m. on the Pac 12 Network to watch the Seminoles in their first road game of the season.