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Everything Noles Podcasts: Show Directory

Everything Florida State Seminoles, all the time

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Everything Florida State Seminoles, all the time.

The Everything Noles podcast channel, presented by Fans First Sports Network, features insider Seminoles recruiting, football, basketball, baseball, softball, and soccer analysis and commentary, featuring shows hosted by staff writers Tim Alumbaugh, Matt Minnick, Michael Rogner, Brian Pellerin, Gwyn Rhodes and Ben Meyerson, featuring contributions by Joshua Pick, David Stout, Jon Marchant, Max Escarpio and the entire Tomahawk Nation staff, produced by managing editor Perry Kostidakis.

You can subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to your shows.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can find on our podcast channel:

Seminole Wrap

Brian Pellerin, Max Escarpio, Jon Marchant

  • A free-wheeling, all-encompassing show mainly focused on football analysis that touches on every aspect of Florida State athletics.

Seminole Softball Wrap

Gwyn Rhodes, Brian Pellerin

  • The only FSU-focused softball podcast available on the beat, softball expert Gwyen Rhodes talks with Brian Pellerin about the ins-and-outs of Seminole softball, offering insight and analysis you won’t find anywhere else.

Florida State of Recruiting: The Three Stars

David Stout, Tim Alumbaugh, Josh Pick

  • The only FSU recruiting-specific podcast on the beat, our recruiting experts analyze recruits, signees, and prospects from the current recruiting class, while also looking to the future.

For all things recruiting head on over to our Florida State football recruiting thread, where you can catch up on the latest news and pick the brain of our recruiting staff.

(1/21/23): Florida State of Recruiting: Discussing the latest FSU visitors

(1/20/23): Florida State of Recruiting: Breaking down new defensive players from #Tribe23

(1/19/23): Florida State of Recruiting: Discussing offensive newcomers from #Tribe23

(12/16/22): Analyzing transfer portal commitments, previewing 12/16 weekend visitors

(12/15/22): Recapping 12/9 visitors as ESD approaches

Line of Scrimmage

Tim Alumbaugh

  • Insight into FSU football opponents from the writers that cover the teams, presented in quick-format, easily digestible episodes.

Tomahawk Nation: Basketball Podcast

Matt Minnick, Michael Rogner

  • One of just two Florida State basketball-focused podcasts on the market, Matt and Michael offer insight unparalleled on the beat, breaking down recruits, previewing and recapping games as well as analyzing overarching narratives and themes of the season.


From players to pressers, the notable quotable you need to hear.

Noles News Now (NNN)

Perry Kostidakis, Brian Pellerin

  • Episodes recap Florida State athletics action across the board in easy-to-listen-to short consumables — perfect for your drive to work, walk to go get coffee, or ignoring people for a peaceful five minutes.

Noles Quality Control

Ben Meyerson

Live-streamed conversation, analysis, and discussion of Florida State football featuring insight from the Tomahawk Nation staff