UPDATED: Florida State football recruiting— Tracking decommits following Willie Taggart firing

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Florida State fired Willie Taggart on Sunday, and as in the aftermath of any firing or coaching change, recruits are sure to change their mind on previous commitments.

FSU only had two decommits prior to the firing, four-star safety Jalen Harrell and three-star defensive back Derek Bermudez, (though Bermudez did decommit Sunday before the firing of Taggart was announced.)

During a press conference Monday, acting athletic director David Coburn said that because of the early signing period (as well as other factors), hiring a coach as fast as possible is a priority.

As the Seminoles search for a new head coach, we’ll be updating a list below of all the players who have decommitted from #Tribe2020:

Four-star cornerback Isaiah Dunson announced his decommitment on Twitter Monday afternoon:

Four-star running back Jaylan Knighton of Deerfield Beach, who just committed to FSU in July, has re-opened his recruitment, saying FSU will still remain an option:

Another very talented player (at a position of need) keeping his options open:

2020 three-star defensive commit Morven Joseph of Lakeland, Florida announced on Twitter that he’s taking a visit to the University of Tennessee:


And so it begins....

Piece of advice from a guy who’s followed recruiting for a long time.

The safest way to operate as FSU fans moving forward at this early stage, consider every recruit a decommit whether it’s public or not, because all of them will have to be recruited by the new staff whenever that happens. It’s the logical thing for the kids to do and should not be criticized.

My comment wasn't meant as a criticism of anyone

just merely cold reminder of the consequences of yesterday’s news.

I didn't take it that way at all, sorry if it came across that way

I reposted this comment from the croot thread, wasn’t really a response to anything you said

No worries

We good!


WT as the head coach, getting beaten by BC on Saturday, beating Alabama State, getting smoked by UF, and once again no bowl game. The decommitments would be many, WT would have no momentum, no track record for success, and we’d just delay the inevitable into season three. No excitement, empty stadium, sloppy play, and a lot of losses.

Instead hopefully we can make a great hire who will actually fix our issues and recruit at a higher level.

that's false

all of the top guys were solid and they were coming because of him. those lower end guys decommitted. the key guys were solid. they knew what Willie was working with. remember willie was 5-7 last year and put together a top 10 class this year.

He wasn't bringing in a top 10 class

Think we were 16th at best before Saturday

Well said

but all some people will see when reading your comment is blah blah yada yada yada blah blah blah…..

And to add further

these kids want to know who will be coaching them, both as head coach and their position coach.

I agree…but I don’t like it.


I wonder how long we have until those players commit to other places with more clout.

Won’t be long iMO

Well, it's gonna happen, players aren't going to stick around with the uncertainty. You just hope that the new guy, whenever he's named CAN get some of these guys back or even flip

a kid or two.

But I also genuinely believe that a hire should not be "rushed" to save a recruiting class. This hire HAS to hit. And every resource and detail should not be spared to make sure it does.

long way to go, depending on who we bring in we will be fine especially if it's a big name coach. not worried

Letting Taggart go now

Is definitely more fair to the kids being recruited, especially early enrollees.

The hire is not about getting a great 2020 recruiting class, the hire is about getting the absolute right guy as the next HC. This process should not be rushed in any way imo.

he will be gone in 2 years

this class is done. we’re about to lose most of the top guys. the line will be worse next year. we’re losing our best defensive player and offensive player. sims probably won’t come. our best running back recruit just decommitted. so we will win about 2 or 3 games total next year. I hope y’all call for the next coach head to be fair

I expect this to happen

Whatever, happens the next coach has to be given time to turn this around. There is no qb on roster and if Briles goes no Houston transfer. Really what qb would want to transfer to be behind this line. No more Akers no knighton. Big Marv, Durden, and Terry gone. Just hope the young lbs dont hit portal. Think people don’t realize how bad this is going to be. While uf and scum will benefit from this. Must give new coach time that willie wasn’t given

This class is not done until signing day. There is a lot that can happen between now and than. We have a lot of work to do and whoever the coach is, they are going to hit the ground running! We may lose a few, but that would have happened regardless. The guys who want to be Noles will be Noles and the new coach will reel in a few guys to make up for the losses. At the end of the day, everything is going to be ok.


are you always this pessimistic? Wow…I for one am excited about the future…yes the 2020 class will probably take a hit…but this is a multi-year rebuild. I agree with what many have said…getting it right is far more important than what the 2020 class is ranked. Get a grip man!

If they can actually line up correctly, you won't hear anything from me

Hopefully the next hire can clear that bar.

Players in football programs is like graduate students in sciences

Every scientific institution has roughly the same facilities and support structures. You go to work for an advisor on something you want to learn about or gives you the best chance at academic/scientific and later professional success.

It’s rare that someone goes to a university purely for the university or stays when their advisor leaves.

"Players in football programs is like graduate students in sciences. Every scientific institution has roughly the same facilities and support structures."

Did anyone tell Jimbo that?

Really hope we can keep Jeff Sims

For whatever reason, I just think he is going to be awesome.

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