CJ Van Eyk ranked the #19 prospect for 2020 MLB Draft

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Last season, CJ Van Eyk showed out in his first year as a weekend started. The junior’s pitching arsenal is one of the best in the country and the experts agree. In MLB.com’s first top 100 for the 2020 MLB draft, FSU’s ace came in as the number 19 overall prospect and seventh RHP.

If it wasn’t for one of the most loaded college pitching classes in recent years, Van Eyk could be even higher. With improved command and execution, CJ has the potential to move into the top-10.

The Tampa native posted a 3.81 ERA in 99.1 IP last season. Van Eyk struck out 129 batters, 13th best in the nation, and had a 11.7 K/9 in 2019. If the junior can improve his 3.72 BB/9 in 2020, he will help both his draft stock and his team moving forward. Another strong season will likely land the Seminoles’ ace in the first round of the 2020 draft. An arsenal containing a mid-90’s fastball, nasty changeup, and hammer curve ball is just too good for 30 teams to pass up on.

FSU commit Carson Montgomery also found himself in the top 100 as the number 30 prospect for the 2020 draft. Montgomery is the Seminoles’ highest rated commit for Mike Martin Jr’s first recruiting class and has been committed to Florida State for over two years. The Windermere native is the 3rd rated high school pitcher on the list, but with all of the top end 2020 college pitching talent, Montgomery could fall past the first round.

No other FSU commits or players made the top 100, but there’s still potential to lose some other commits and draft-eligible sophomores in the early rounds. Of the commits, Trey Carter, AJ Shaver and Najer Victor could all hear their names called within the first five rounds. A healthy season for Reese Albert could see him go in the first five rounds as well. Breakout years for Shane Drohan, Nander De Sedas, and Elijah Cabell all have the tools to be early round draft picks but have to put it together on the field. At a premium position, catcher Mat Nelson could leave FSU after his sophomore season as a high draft pick as well with another strong season behind the dish.

Losing players to the draft isn’t easy, but it means the program is bringing in the right guys to compete for championships. With a talent evaluator like Mike Metcalf and recruiters like Mike Martin Jr. and Jim Belanger on the trail, the Seminoles new staff will continue a tradition of top-level talent at Dick Howser stadium. FSU had four players drafted within the first nine rounds last year.



What’s our postseason failures biggest weakness always been? Pitching. Especially having a dominant #1. We have that, and looks like a potential #2. If we can equip ourselves with a #3 and even a solid bullpen, we could have something cooking this year. Let’s see what Meat can do. Let’s go Noles! CWS 2020.

DunnDeal speaking truth

Going to have to hit up

Ole dunndeal for some baseball watching action this spring.

Game watches!

It’s what I do!

Well, except for last year

When we couldn’t hit lick and actually pitched well in the CWS

That’s what I was going to say...

Our pitching has never been better in Omaha than it was this year. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the big hit at the right time.

Van Eyk is a beast

He seems a little more polished than weaver as a power righty although weavers fastball moved a lot and cj is more of a traditional arm slot type. I can’t wait for baseball season. Our bats are never the issue so I’m excited to see this more aggressive approach the coaches have mentioned. Guys like Cabell might only see one fastball during an AB and if it’s the first pitch let it rip.

That’s a lot of draft eligible sophomores on this team

Is it just me or are more parents having their summer-born kids held back a grade?

Growing up, all the August birthdays, and even some September birthdays were the youngest kids in the grade. Now it seems like the July and later birthdays all end up being the oldest kids in their grade.

Feels like the last 2 seasons have seen major starting line up turnover. I hope not to make it a 3rd. Please stay and be apart of hopefully a special 2021 year.

I'm showing my ignorance a little, but

when exactly is the draft? When are we sure which commits will play for FSU next year?

The draft is in june

The draft usually falls in between regionals and super regionals. There are 40 rounds, if an underclass men or high school commit isn’t drafted by the 15th round they’ll usually be on the roster the next year


Incoming freshman have to basically make up there mind before fall classes start I believe. There are options like juco for a year or two then D1 or pro. It is also not unheard of to use high D1 options as bargaining chips to get more money from pro teams, MLB has slotted money for draft picks for this reason but it seems to be quite a grey area.

I’ve always wished they’d push the draft back to July, after the CWS ends, so that it wouldn’t be s distraction for college players during the tournament, but the MLB doesn’t seem to care that much.

I was under the impression

that once a commit comes to college, he has to stay at least three years, at which point he’d be draft eligible..
And in this vein, aren’t guys like Nander and Cabell true sophomores?

If you turn 21 within (somebody help me out here) days of the draft, you can be drafted as a sophomore.

Within 45 days of 21 years old on day of draft

Draft date was moved back for upcoming year to make De Sedas eligible. Nelson is an older sophomore. Cabell will be 20 and 11+ months. The year doesn’t matter for baseball.

Another great write-up Brett!

Thank You for the great work you’ve been doing! Much appreciated!

I see UM has 3 players in the top 50

And of course Vandy has its share of Top 100 players. What school has the most?

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