Florida State football, recruiting news: 2020 FSU class in the books, 2021 on the radar


National Signing Day has lost a bit (okay, a lot) of luster since the arrival of the Early Signing Period, but this year held some moderate intrigue for Florida State, who got a few welcome surprises from recruits offered late in the process and an unwelcome one from one that FSU had hoped to hold on to.

“Even in the short period of time, this was a home-run-hitting class,” Norvell said at a press conference Wednesday. “This is one that addressed needs. This was one that I think, as it plays out over the years, I mean, the type of football players that these guys will become, it’s going to be exceptional.”

Offensive lineman Bram Walden, four-star 2021 recruit out of Arizona, received an offer from Florida State:

2021 prospect Thad Franklin, a four-star running back out of Hollywood, Florida, has FSU in his final schools:

2021 tight end Erin Outley, current unranked, also received an offer:

2021 defensive end Tunmise Adeyele, a five-star from IMG Academy, was re-offered by Florida State, as well as 2021 four-star wide receiver Mississippi receiver Isaiah Brevard.


New Australian punter Alex Mastromanno looks to be having a good time on campus so far:


The No. 17 Florida State women’s basketball team is facing off against No. 5 Louisville tonight, with the game being broadcast on the ACC Network.

Devin Vassell has been named a finalist for the Julius Erving Award, which recognizes the top small forward in men’s college basketball. The sophomore currently leads No. 8 FSU in scoring.

Other Sports:

Trey Cunningham and Isaac Grimes, two athletes on Florida State’s top-ranked track and field team, claimed their third ACC Performance of the Week honors yesterday after the former set new ACC and FSU 60-meter hurdles records and the latter put up back-to-back personal bests.

Florida State’s eSports team will be streaming video games for 24 hours to raise money for Camp Kesem:

FSU Day will be celebrated at the Florida Capitol on February 12, and is open to the public.


Is Punting a ball over the Pike house impressive?


Only QB’s are allowed to throw footballs over the Pike house. Mastromanno is hereby banned for one week from mentions on TN!


When you don’t have a quarterback on the team that can do it…you take what you can get.

It would be if someone was charging at him full speed and totally unblocked

You know, like in a real FSU game

What is this "blocking"?


Just about as exciting as a New Year’s Day Bowl that is not part of the playoffs.

That said, glad we filled needs with bodies the coaches have high aspirations for. Sorry we missed Malachi. Wish him well, but TN is where recruits go to die.

He is so basketball

Read TN as Tomahawk Nation and was offended for a split second.

Pike house shenanigans again

Reminds me of Winston years. Foreshadowing success in the future? Ehhh

"PIKE house shenanigans" meant an entirely different thing when I was attending FSU.

Very glad that its football related shenanigans now.

The Pike's were suspended while I was on campus for said shenanigans.

Shenanigans are still taking place.

I can promise you that.

A few of my brothers and I broke into the Pike house one night and just started "marking our territory" if ya know what I mean

- clearly not saying which fraternity we were with, though haha.

Delta Omicron Gamma?

Yep. My freshman year they got banned. Thought it was a lifetime ban. They did absolutely reprehensible things that in todays times would have been a much worse stain on the university and the fraternity across the country. It led to all times of new rules for frat parties, etc. pretty much ended the animal house era of fraternities at FSU. I am still amazed they allowed them back on campus.

Just like with recruits

Money talks

In this case that is very sad. I hope my daughter goes to FSU but I’d prefer she never steps foot in a PIKE house. Some things need to be removed permanently and this is one of them. It just makes zero sense. The students could join one of many other Frats.

I’ll end my preaching now but that organization did evil things and FSU normalized them again. Very Sad.

whatever happened to their beautiful house that was off of Jefferson, about a block closer to the stadium from Woodward? I know the university always coveted that location.

For those that don’t know or remember, back in 1987, three Pikes raped a girl after she passed out from drinking too much. Then they dumped her at a different fraternity and tried to blame them.

Pike house, as well as many other Frat Houses in the 'Valley" were demolished and mainly Dorms took their place.

It was worse than that. No need to rehash it all but it wasn’t a one time thing. It was systemic.

I was on campus when Pike came back, friends with quite a few guys who joined.

I was not in PIKE, but they were great people when I was there.

I was one of those

First pledge class. back. Those years were nice because no one was stepping out of line. No idea what it is like now.

"Those years were nice because no one was stepping out of line"

This, also they didnt take any chances on their pledges then as you full well know.

My memories which may be wrong: they were banned for a very long time, if not forever, in the late 80s, but the house was still there in the early 90s, though not formally occupied (I did see people there from time to time but it wasn’t active like a fraternity house.)

There was a group called something like "The Firemen’s Club" which was rumored to be an informal, or unrecognized, Pike group.

In the mid to late 90s, it looked like they were formally re-organizing, and gaining some traction with it, but got banned again. This time supposedly for good.

I was really shocked when I learned that not only are they back, but it’s apparently one of the biggest fraternities now.

They are "influential"

They have a lot of affluent/influential alumni (Greek Life does as a whole does, but Pike is on another level). This is one of the reasons why the all-campus probation a few years ago ended – Greek alumni were ceasing/slowing their donations to the school & boosters. The school doesn’t want to lose that revenue base, I presume.
Additionally, 18-year olds will continue to rush there. I hear what you’re saying. But when you have the biggest house, are the "top frat," get athletes to join, and are influential on campus, kids will join. Also, I’m sure that most of these kids are unaware of their history/reputation.

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