Willie Taggart donates $1 million of his own money to FSU’s Unconquered Campaign for athletic facilities

Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this evening, FSU athletics and Seminole Boosters announced the inception of the Unconquered Campaign, a massive undertaking that will generate $100 million for Florida State athletic facilities. The primary expenditure is a football-only facility, and it was announced at the presentation that head coach Willie Taggart and his wife, Taneshia, donated $1 million of their own money to help make the campaign a reality. Here’s Taggart’s statement about their donation:

Taneshia and I made our pledge because we believe in FSU and we want to invest in the future of all student-athletes. We want to protect the rich tradition of Florida State University by creating an environment where the team can be successful and their families can continue to be proud to be part of greatness in all areas of life. Those before me have laid the foundation, and this Unconquered Campaign allows FSU football to continue its legacy of greatness. We’re here to do something and need donors and student-athletes that want to do something with us.
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