Updated: FSU football officially hires Kenny Dillingham as offensive coordinator

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It’s official — Kenny Dillingham has been hired as FSU’s next offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach:

New Florida State football head coach Mike Norvell isn’t wasting any time. About a day after being officially introduced as the Seminoles’ new HC, he’s reportedly made a decision as to his offensive coordinator.

According to Pete Thamel of Yahoo! Sports, Norvell has tapped Auburn OC Kenny Dillingham to head to Tallahassee. Dillingham ran the Tigers offense under Gus Malzahn this season, but before that, he’d been with Norvell at both Arizona State and then Memphis.

It’s important to note that Malzahn, not Dillingham, called plays at Auburn, and that same setup should be in play in Tallahassee as well, with Norvell calling plays (just like he did when Dillingham was his OC at Memphis). This would mean current OC Kendal Briles’ exit, and presumably that of OL coach Randy Clements, too.

But if Memphis does indeed hire Barry Odom as its next head coach, that means they won’t be retaining interim HC and OL coach Ryan Silverfield— and that could facilitate Silverfield’s move to FSU to coach the offensive line.


Bring the bags Kenny

We don't need no stinking bags!

But some rose scented ones wouldn't hurt

or even the kind that smell like money

Bed bath and beyond just had a candle sale.

Do what you got to do man!

Not sure if Sarcasm or not.

I for one was hoping Noled3 was not talking about Lowder and his money

being used at Auburn to buy recruits. It is possible that Dillingham learned that exercise from the misfits at Auburn. If so, I wanted to make sure he was not bringing that crap with him.

Just an unsolicited shot at Auburn

It happens everywhere in Big Boy football.

It's already at every college program un the nation

Yup, FSU as well. Some just have bigger and more bags.

and now there's more cover than ever

with the "likeness" legislation

The only way I can see this working.

Is for the schools or the NCAA to hold the funds for the individuals until they graduate or leave school. This would prevent College students from running around with 10’s of thousands of dollars making terrible decisions and give them something to fall back on should they get injured.

There is a part of me...

that would love a newspaper, the NCAA, or anyone to just blow up the hidden dollars on the front page of every newspaper and website in America – with names, schools, and amounts. It would make America address what it truly wants out of its universities and sports.

For me that part is 100%.

People want winning teams

That’s why they pay money to booster organizations, hook players up with goods and services, etc and turn a blind eye to the corruption. It’s the American way, for real.

Really not necessary any more

IMO with the California law that athletes can be paid and every other big boy state to surely follow suit, the payments will simply be more public than they used to be. The haves will become have-ier and the have-nots will fall further behind.

And in this case, schools are just like people.

The older they are, the bigger their bags.

That's Why Auburn Has to Lift Theirs Out of The Water?

I am getting older, but my bankroll isn't getting (much) larger. I must be doing it wrong.

He was paraphrasing a line from Blazing Saddles.

"We don’t need no stinkin’ badges."

R, and from Treasure of Sierra Madre before that.

Just about every line or character in that movie originated elsewhere

For instance, for those who don’t know where Gov. Lepetomane got his name, check out Lepetomane. Its a riot.

Rec. Nice job. I'm laughing like a 11 year old.


Governor Crop Duster has a better ring to it, butt who am I to question them?

Don't get saucy with me, Bearnaise.

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