3-star Miami offensive tackle Lloyd Willis signs with Florida State football

Lloyd Willis has been a long standing commit to Florida State, and today, he made it official by signing his national letter of intent.

The three-star offensive tackle out of Killian High School in Miami committed to FSU on July 27th. Willis held scholarship offers from Indiana, UCF, and FIU, but spurned those offers to sign with FSU. Willis is viewed as a long-term project at offensive tackle but has the physical tools that schools are looking for. He’s a player that FSU targeted early in the process, had him work out at their summer camp, and accepted his commitment.

The project tackle came in this past weekend for his official visit, was able to spend time with new head coach Mike Norvell, and get comfortable with the new coaches at FSU. Willis called his official visit “perfect” and has not wavered one bit throughout his recruitment even though there has been coaching uncertainty.

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Welcome to the tribe, Lloyd!

6'7 310

sounds like a good place to start. Hope coach Thomsen can get the most out of him

Someone mentioned 110% is supposably possible. That said, he should get 1.10 x 310lbs = 341lbs out of him.

Don’t forget height.

Should be able get to 7’3"

Whatchu talkin bout?!?!

Welcome, Mr. Willis!

2 OTs down, 6 to go.

Pretty sure

He was talking about the Noles today.

16 to go*

Lloyd Lloyd all null and void...uh, never mind

Welcome to the tribe, Lloyd!

Glad to have you!

Keep the trench monsters coming

Got a ways to go, but I’m very happy with our recruiting given the short turn around. Let’s get after some more big uglies and stockpile that line.

why is he considered a project?

Has he not been around football very long? Position change? These are the guys we need to be early enrollers so they get as many reps / weight room time as possible.

Because almost all olinemen

Are a project. It takes years to properly develop them. His body is not ready to play and his technique needs a bunch of work. He should be about ready year 3. I could say that for 90% of tackles coming into college.

Thank you.

Even Dontae Lucus was a highly rated 4* OL, and how was he this season? Ok/ average at best?

And he looked good because he was the best among a bad o-line.

Agree on the O Line commnent about time

But, based on his photo, he will need to really hit the weights hard and eat the right food…for at least two years.

He's really raw too.

He’s only played football for a couple years. He’s very athletic for his size though. Ideally, he doesn’t see the field until 2022. He could end up being a good LT if he puts in the work and is developed properly.

I stand by my statement

That almost all tackles are raw.

I saw a more recent photo

And it looked like he jas put in some work since that visit. That or the photo they posted is a bad representation.

Hope he can be coached into an NFL Hall of Fame LT

…but would settle for some much needed depth for the OL.

Give it time....coach Thomsen will put him in the NFL before its over......this song comes to mind......

Walks like a Man, talks like a Man….
…I can see that with him.
…he has the frame to be a good one in 2 years…..(similarly to those 2 Trinity Catholic boys from Ocala slated for 2021 that have been offered, hopefully my homey Garner Langlo makes it a trifecta) 3 years experience with each other…

Nice get...

…now get him working with a legit S&C coach.

S&C coaches are going to be put to the challenge with our whole team, especially the OL and DL, I hope these are willing to work.

So I just watched his HUDL

I stopped watching at 1:49. I will say this. He’s the biggest kid on the field. When I stopped watching, NOBODY he engaged in a block ever hit the ground. That being said, when he’s on his way to the guy he needs to block, what are his intentions? This kid is going to need to be a lot more aggressive if he’s going to see the field and if he’s going to be successful. Janarius Robinson was a kid I seen play in person (I’m from Panama City) and he had the same issue. You need to have some dog in you to succeed and just based on that film alone, this kid looks a little soft. We will see

Kevin Pyne

Is ranked the 24th best OT and is a BC commit. Watch his HUDL and it’s a world of difference in style of play. These are the type of kids we will need to start seeing for some improvement. Not just the star rating but guys who want to dominate their opponent

Pyne was ranked 3rd best OT in the nation by rivals earlier in the year— it really isn’t a revelation that his HUDL looks impressive.

No one disagrees that the more high level studs we bring in the better our OL will be, but at this point we also "need" to bring in some guys like Lloyd Willis, who want to be at our program, and develop them into competent football players.

On a site like this, you have almost limitless opportunities to criticize our recruits and players, but this post is about his commitment, which just happened, and I say welcome to FSU Lloyd! Congratulations!

You don’t have to be high level

To play with aggression or enough aggression to dominate and opponent you out Wright by 200 pounds. Both of those kids are vastly bigger than most of their competition but one just seems to want to finish the job. Now I hope to be wrong about him but I do remember us clowning UM and UF fans when they were bringing in these lower rated players and they tried to justify them somehow. "Ed Reed was a Star".

No malice imo of the kid. Just stating my opinion on what I saw. I thought that’s what the comment section was for…

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