2021 defensive end Joshua Farmer commits to FSU football


Florida State’s first 2020 Junior Day has received nice attendance, and now it can claim a commitment as well. Joshua Farmer, a class-of-2021 weak-side defensive end, has pledged his services to the Seminoles.

Farmer (6’3, 250) attends Gadsden County High School in nearby Apalachicola, Florida and is from Havana, FL. He doesn’t have any player rankings yet, but he does also have offers from Texas A&M, Nebraska, Maryland, Southern Miss, FIU, Kent State, Liberty, and Bethune-Cookman.

This makes three commitments for Florida State’s 2021 class, as Farmer joins inside linebacker Dequaveon Fuller and running back KeyShawn Spencer, both three-star prospects. FSU’s 2021 class is now ranked seventh in the ACC and 32nd in the country. But that could really improve during/after this weekend, as early returns from Tallahassee seem to be quite promising for the ’Noles.

Here’s Farmer’s highlight reel (we’ll add a scouting report soon):

Farmer took to Twitter to announce his commitment, and his Tweet is included below.



Gadsden County?

Must be a branch location

Silly me

It’s right next to Leon High. The extension that is.

That boy has been raised on salty oysters.

Last time I was in Apalach

The half shell oysters were farm raised from Alabama.


Might be East Gadsden ....which is just outside Quincy. Apalachicola is in Franklin County, I believe.....

Geography Isn't Mr. Vissers strong point

Gadsden county is just North West of Leon County/Tallahassee.

Until 1973 or so

the world’s single largest producing area of shade-grown cigar tobacco. There’s your random trivia for the day. My grandmother worked as a teenager rolling cigars in Havana FL.

Havana boy here

Family moved there in 1972. My older brothers both worked in Mr. Butler’s tobacco farm, and my grandmother worked in tobacco there in the early 1900’s.

I had a good giggle at the Apalachicola thing.

My older brother worked in a tobacco barn one summer

in the early 60’s. Our grandmother lived in Quincy. Made 25 cents an hour. That’s when he decided to go to Med school.

Your grandmother worked in the early 1900s

Damn, thought I was old, but my grandparents were born in 19 teens.

I was born 99 years after my maternal grandfather.

His father (my great-grandfather) fought in the civil war.

I’m an old soul.

Wow, that’s pretty incredible.

It reminds me of the fact that 10th President John Tyler has living grandchildren.

I worked in shade tobacco in Madison for the Cantey family in the early 60s

It was tough, hot work, particularly in the tops of the barns and pulling the cheesecloth down after the tobacco had been cropped. Getting bear caught was a real risk.

It was a labor-intensive business, they paid the workers close to nothing, and I guess it just quit making sense economically…all of the Madison County operations were closed down within a few years after I left. Some of the big barns were still standing as of a few years ago.

I'd say that's a tribute to your work ethic.

None could survive without you. I salute you young man!!

The white high-schoolers like me could have never worked the barn rafters all day

The real men were the young black guys who went up and stayed up.

I have never made up my mind as to which job was meaner back in the 50s and 60s…working the shade tobacco barns, loading watermelons or pulpwooding.

I don’t know tobacco

But loading hay was worse than watermelons. Not just the weight but always having a face full of dust and pollen. I was really glad to find indoor work with no heavy lifting.

6'3" 250 with a year to grow before college.

We’ll see how good norvell is at recognizing talent early.

He may grow into a strong side de

250 is big. Add a few more inches and 15 – 20 lbs and that is one big wsde.

With the way that Norvell and Fuller have recruited DEs so far

I think they may favor JUMBO DEs at both spots.

Certainly has the "grab 'em, and sling 'em down like a ragdoll" move figured out...

Nice get, wears #10 too.

Wears #10

For one more year.

Welcome to the Garnet & Gold!

Now get bigger, stronger, faster and bring us back to greatness…

Nearby Quincy is what you were looking for

Great get, hope we lock down all these local kids. There’s enough kids within 50 miles alone that would provide a better/more productive roster than what we’ve seen the past few years.

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