FSU flips, signs 2020 offensive tackle prospect Robert Scott from Ole Miss: Scouting Report


Arkansas offensive tackle prospect Robert Scott committed to Ole Miss last June, and since then, he’s visited Oxford thrice, including his official visit to the Rebels last month. Last weekend, Scott visited Florida State for the first time— and now he’s signed on as a Seminole.

Scott (6’6, 295) has flipped commitment from the Rebs to the ’Noles and has made it official. He’s a three-star prospect who helps Florida State add depth at a position of very high need.

Scott is considered the No. 5 prospect from Arkansas, the country’s 38th best OT prospect, and No. 503, nationally, overall. He also has offers from Arkansas, TCU, Tennessee, Nebraska, Mississippi State, Louisville, Missouri, SMU, and others.

Scouting report:

Scott is an athletic and agile offensive tackle. With natural knee and ankle bend, he is able to create power from his lower body to drive block or anchor in pass protection. He has a heavy punch in his pass set and looks like a natural left tackle. Scott shows a willingness to be physical in his blocking. While Scott is not a day-one contributor, he shows plenty of upside.

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Here’s a look at Scott:


BIG get by Atkins and Norvell!

Nice to have a high school tackle committed! Welcome to the Tribe Robert!

It’s happening!!!!!

Great to get another young tackle in the pipeline to develop <img src="//fonts.voxmedia.com/emoji/unicode/1f60a.png" alt=":blush:" class="emoji">

Congratulations Robert !!!

A real tackle!?

Not one in name only that "projects more as a guard"? I can feel it all the way down in my plums!

with natural knee and ankle bend....

smh, what will they come up with next ?!?! Any guesses…..

Pretty clearly

going to be toe curl and hip flexion.

but are they elite ankles tho

Never gets old

Almost as good as the "Amos Lapp" troll…

We should really reestablish that Amish pipeline...

I think that’s where we went wrong the last few years.

"heard from a guy at a gas station on I-10" is my all time fav

Better than those purple ankles...

"While Scott is not a day-one contributor, he shows plenty of upside."

Seems like there is a decent chance he’s forced to play his first year. Maybe just an injury away?

"Adds depth" (??) Any real tackle might be a starter.

Looks to be a good pickup. We’ll need more the next few years.

I took that to mean that he will use the first day to get his ID, uniform, and bucket of honey-fried chicken.

And will contribute from day-two onwards

"oh happy day"

@coach RK

What do you think?

Norvell has been a breath of fresh air...

The guy is high energy and doing almost everything he needs to as a 1st year coach at a nationally recognized program. My one concern, which might be a product more of the timing than anything else, is if Norvell fails to appreciate that all of his coming competition is uniformly bigger, faster, and talented than what he faced at Memphis. It’s a bit like Willie – he succeeded at places where you could hide a lack of athleticism and talent. That won’t be the case here, and he needs to start solidifying relationships with 4* and 5* recruits and their high school programs. There has just been a bit too much rah rah recently for 3* types for my taste. Again, this is all likely a product of the time of year we’re in and the fact that Norvell just got here. I just don’t want him thinking Memphis-style talent is going to make it in the ACC and out-of-conference schedule.

I would wait to reserve judgement until the 2021 class is on the books. Let it go a full cycle, because there are not a lot of high caliber kids to choose from – the high school kids have mostly signed and the big-time transfers want to go where they think they can compete for championships.

And even with the '21 class

FSU is still behind the chains with those recruits. Schools are reaching out, establishing a relationship and offering these guys early in their careers now. I’m hopeful for a top 10 class for ‘21 but it’s gonna be almost as hard as this years class

We are going to be behind the chains for a while

due to RT and WT.

Who will out "star"talent us next year?

FU, Clemson, and…?
As has been said many a time here— Memphis woulda worked Fsu last year with a bunch of scrub 2 and 3 stars.


People have conflated the blue-chip ratio to mean that we need 5 and 4 stars to not embarrass ourselves.

I’ll start worrying about the blue chip ratio when we find ourselves in a position to actually compete for championships year in and year out. Until then, I’m only worrying about fitting needs. We need tackles, and this kid is the first we’ve pulled in years that actually has the body type and athleticism to play OT and isn’t a 4-years-and-then-maybe-he’ll-know-how-to-play-football-type.

Good point.

We had a couple that will be good but we have whiffed and whiffed and whiffed at this position. This is really the first one that we have taken from someone for half a decade

I've started equating the term "project" with "bust."

a 4-years-and-then-maybe-he’ll-know-how-to-play-football-type.

They would have beat us the last three years

Recruiting is a nice little off-season diversion, and we’ve always been great at it, but I want to see development and results on the field.

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