Florida OL commit George Jackson high on Florida State

George Jackson (Twitter)

George Jackson is a giant of a man, standing at 6’5 and weighing 350 pounds (he tells me that number will be falling).

He lives in Stone Mountain, GA, and attends Stephenson High School.

The Class of 2021 tackle has a 88 rating (high 3*) from the 247 Sports Composite. He’s ranked the 403rd best player in America (39th best OT and 31st best player in Georgia).

Jackson’s a University of Florida commit, but he still has interest in Florida State:

Jackson visited last month, and TN had a chance to catch up with the tackle:

Who all went with you to FSU?

“It was just me and my father.”

I assume Coach Atkins is taking the lead from the FSU side on recruiting you?

“Yes, as the OL coach, and the Atlanta area recruiter, he reached out to me.”

Has he been on you for a while? And how’d you guys hit it off?

“Yes, we have been communicating for a few months. We hit it off well, went through some film and talked about his coaching style.”

So is that a coach you could see yourself playing for in the future?

I would say Atkins is a coach that relates to some of the things I relate to. We seem to have some things in common. I’m [obviously] currently committed to UF. I would like to go to practice and see how the coach interacts with the team.

What specifically are you looking for in a school?

“I’m looking for a place I can develop and contribute early with a winning tradition. My uncle played there in the 90’s, so I’ve always been a fan.”

Lots of kids coming up now who had relatives play at FSU. Who was your uncle?

“Myron Jackson [TE from 1994-98].”

What has he told you about FSU?

“That it’s a great school, great town, and he’s shown me his championship rings.”

So are you planning a return visit to FSU?

“I [haven’t been able to because of the virus], but I’ll definitely be back, as my sister goes to FAMU.”


Hopefully FSU can pry him from Swamp town

This could continue to help in building this Offensive line. Seems like there a pretty good chance!

Atlanta is the new Miami.

Come on Myron, let’s work together to get your nephew to FSU.

I’ve been saying that we need to recruit metro Atlanta as hard as anywhere in Florida for a while now.

Atlanta produces the best high school talent of any city in the country. Miami might produce better skill players than Atlanta, but Atlanta is no slouch in that department either. And unlike Miami, there are an abundance of good QB’s and lineman that come out of Atlanta every single year.

Atlanta is also the hardest recruited city though

It has UGA, Auburn, Clemson, GT, and Bama all within a couple to few hour drive.

Firstly, we don’t compete with GT. Miami is far more of a threat to us in South Florida than GT is in Atlanta

Secondly, Atlanta is recruited no harder than Miami, and pretty much all the schools you listed have a strong presence in South Florida. Bama, UGA, and Clemson have continuously whipped our asses on the trail in Miami for 5 years now. Doubt our success rate is going to be any higher for South Florida kids than kids from Metro Atlanta at this point. While some schools may be closer to Atlanta than Tally, I doubt being 2 hours further from home will make much of a difference.

Not wise to overlook GT any longer on the trail with Collins running the show.

Thank God for academic requirements.....

Geoff had only mild success in his first two years as the head coach of a program he inherited from Matt Rhule. He won 3 games last year at GT, will be lucky to win 3 games in 2020, and wasn’t a known as a particularly elite recruiter during his stint UF.

Given GT’s limited resources, stringent academic requirements, and brutal scheduling, getting that program to a place where they can consistently compete with programs of our caliber on the trail is a pretty tall order. Maybe you’re right, and Geoff will make GT a perennial contender in the coastal and win recruiting battles for prospects like Gibbs on the regular. Nothing he’s accomplished thus far shows me he’s up to the challenge though, and I’ll continue to be skeptical until I see him turn it around. Moreover, if Geoff’s as good as I’ve seen some people suggest he is, he’ll get poached by a bigger program the moment he sees even minimal success.

I think Kenneth parcel Is from Stone mountain, ga

Maybe he can help us

let's hope he

and his sister are close. Real close.

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