Florida State “wants to build a defense” around Terrion Arnold

Terrion Arnold (Twitter)

Terrion Arnold is a local talent the Florida State Seminoles can’t afford to lose.

The safety stands at 6’2 187 pounds and attends John Paul II Catholic in Tallahassee.

He has a 90 rating (4*) on the 247 Sports Composite. They list him as the 326th best player in America (16th best safety, and the 51st best player in Florida).

You might think the ranking isn’t all that special, but he boasts offers from Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Miami, Oklahoma, Oregon, Penn State, Texas, Texas A&M, and USC, among others.

He received his FSU offer last November:

TN recently had the chance to catch up with the Tally product and see where things stood:

How many times have you visited FSU since the new staff was hired?

“I’ve visited three times.”

How much of a priority do you feel FSU is making you, and what have they said to you in that regard?

“They’re making me their main priority. Coach Norvell said he wants to build a defense around me.”

How does that make you feel?

“It makes me feel good, but at the same time, I know it’s just recruiting, so I don’t let the hype get to me. I’m pretty mature for my age.”

When watching film together, has the staff discussed certain their plans for you?

“They want to use my return ability how Deion was in the return game and play me at free safety and corner.”

Obviously, you’re younger, but what do you remember about “Prime Time?” What does he mean to you, and what would it mean to follow in his footsteps?

“He’s the best to ever do it in that Garnet and Gold. It would mean a lot for my name to be in [that] category.”

Did you grow up an FSU fan?

“Yes sir.”

Have you discussed staying home and playing in college together with De’Shawn Rucker & Ahmari Harvey?

“We’ve discussed it, and it’s a possibility.”

How close are you guys, and how cool would it be to play together in college, especially for the hometown team?

“They’re my brothers. It would be pretty cool to play for them; we would be hometown heroes.”

How about FSU’s uniforms? How would you describe them? Do you have a favorite combination?

“I would describe them as war-ready. My favorite uniform combination would definitely be black-on-black.”

How about a number and why you wear that number?

“No. 2 because Deion wore it, and I feel like I can live up to that legacy.”

Switching gears a little. How strongly are you considering playing hoops in college?

“Pretty strongly.”

Have you spoken with any of the Florida State basketball coaches?

“I speak with Coach Chartlon Young pretty often.”

What’s CY like?

“He’s been watching me since I was young. He even tried to offer me when I was younger if I would’ve stopped playing football and played basketball full-time.”

What have both sets of coaches at FSU said about playing both sports in college?

“They’re fine with it. I’ll be meeting with both staffs after this virus [subsides].”

Do you have a timeline for your final decision?

“Either this summer, or after the season.”

Are you planning to enroll early?

“It’s a possibility.”

Do you know what you want to study in college?

“I want to major in business finance. I want to be able to control my investments and learn about stocks and how to manage and invest my money.”


Solid responses

I like this one.
Be a Nole and be the leader of FSU being the best of the best in the 20’s!!!

Great stuff Josh!!

Arnold is a total stud, must-get for FSU.

Thank you, sir...and agreed!

I've been gone from Tally too long,

but assume his HS is a private school? If so, I presume grades are not an issue? Sounds like a squared away kid except for the black on black uniforms. This Nike uniform mess is apparently turning us (all schools) into European Soccer teams. See, I learn from others comments!

Love the insight into his academic plans

Thanks for asking that!

He seems to really have a good head on his shoulders.

<img src="//fonts.voxmedia.com/emoji/unicode/1f44d.png" alt=":+1:" class="emoji">

His ranking will certainly shoot up with that offer list

as for his uni combo, totally cool with it. I’m just glad we don’t have the same boring scene that Bama, Michigan, Penn State, and USC have every week. Heck even Notre Dame came around with their greenies. Anyhoo I hope he EE.

Black on Black

Is here to stay. If you don’t like it, learn to. All the kids seem to love it.

(good attitude---it's been amazing how many kids have the same response regarding the black unis)

black on black is completely fine, it's the purple on the face masks and helmets that bothers me

Nike and FSU need to change the shade of Garnet ASAP. I seriously don’t understand how anyone from Admin and Boosters can look at our uni’s and not light fires under the right peoples arse’s to get the color modified to actually look like Garnet and not purple. It’s really baffling and infuriating. Change the helmets and facemasks to black or matte black completely and it’s a great alt look.

Also, remove the shoulder design while they are at it.

I like it...

The young man shows maturity beyond his years. I am a bit disturbed, if true, that our coaches have decided to, or said they would, build a defense around a player from the secondary. Wouldn’t be my plan…

They are going to adjust to formations

With their secondary so it makes sense they would build around the safety position. These are the guys who will have the widest range of assignments and should be your most talented players.

Wonder if they saying "build it around him" or "build it around his position".

What would other defensive recruits would think if they were implying "him".

Sounds like a well rounded young man.

I saw recently

Where the staff told a kid that he was their 11th ranked player at the position. I appreciate that honesty.

I think when these guys talk about building around people or whatever they most likely are referencing the importance the position, the kids intangibles, and playmaking ability.

Well said.

Feels like they are being honest with most of their targets and borderline targets.

Listen to the kid

"but at the same time, I know it’s just recruiting, so I don’t let the hype get to me"….
Others might want to take that advice.

Which is why...

I said he was mature beyond his years and added the "if true" qualifier on the coach’s purported statement…LoL.

And I’ve read the scheme article; I guess we have different interpretations of it. I took it to mean we put our best athlete (from the secondary) in a position to provide run support or cover large chunks of ground in coverage, depending on the scheme called. To me, and experience has shown us in the last couple of years, that the whole defense has to work before the 11th man creates plays. We could have Derwin, Deion, T-Buck, and Leroy Butler in the secondary, but if we can’t rush the passer or stuff the run, we’re hurting.

But can he E-sport?

Nice Josh. Really like Arnold.

His rankings will jump and he’s an intelligent kid. The secondary could really load up this year.

"I'm pretty mature for my age"...

… is sometimes a sign that that person is not very mature for their age. But then he says, " I want to be able to control my investments and learn about stocks and how to manage and invest my money." Now THAT’s a sign of maturity!

Are you a stockbroker?

No, but if you send me money I'll invest it.

It’s very important in these trying times to support the local businesses we love and respect most, and who do the most for our health and sanity. I will invest your money in Total Wine products, and keep you posted on how I am they are doing.

My wife would like to hear that

But you left out breweries…my favorite.
So don’t look for the check anytime soon.

FSU Business

I was a finance major at FSU and doing an MBA at Berkeley now. Would love to talk to this kid and tell him how FL ST sets you up to succeed.

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