FSU football state of recruiting: Wide Receiver

Destyn Pazon

All recruiting activity has been placed on hold until April 15th. We’ll use this newly enacted dead period to evaluate Florida State’s recruiting position by position. This is not meant to be an all inclusive list, but a snapshot of which players are trending with FSU.

In this series, we have already covered quarterback and running back. Today, we’ll focus on the wide receiver position. For the 2020 class, Florida State signed Bryan Robinson and Kentron Poitier. In addition, Ja’Khi Douglas and Corey Wren will split time between running back and wide receiver. Coach Norvell has roots as a WR coach and takes a strong role with Coach Dugans in setting the WR board and recruiting receivers. Florida State will look to bring in at least three receivers for the 2021 class. NoleThruandThru and TimScribble break it down for you here:

Current commit(s): None

Trending target(s):

Destyn “Fatt” Pazon. 6’0 170 pound 4-star out of Edna Karr High School (New Orleans, LA). Pazon was offered by the Florida State Seminoles in January. He visited FSU for the first time in January and followed up with another visit on March 7th. “Fatt” is a beast at receiver and is nearly impossible to cover on the outside. He is deceptively quick and has a natural feel for getting into open pockets. He has a tendency to use his body a bit too much for catches and isn’t the most athletic, but his strengths far exceed his areas of growth. He will likely be the most polished WR on FSU’s board and safest to project as a very productive player, and would immediately challenge for serious reps in the rotation. He’s a future NFL player:

Joshua Burrell. 6’2 208 pound 3-star from Blythewood High School (Blythewood, SC). Burrell received an offer from Florida State in February. He visited Tallahassee on March 7th. Burrell is a big and bulky receiver and uses that to his advantage on the field, bullying defenders and using his body to shield. He also routinely leaves defenders in his tracks with his speed. The first word that comes to mind when watching Burrell is “dynamic,” and it’s easy to see why he’s one of the top players in the Carolinas. He’s currently underrated and should move up in the rankings:

James BlackStrain. 6’2 180 pound 4-star from Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy (Cocoa, FL). BlackStrain was offered under the previous staff. He visited in March and recently named FSU in his top-10. BlackStrain has great hands and very good body control. He knows how to high-point the catch, using his wing-span (6’5”) and timing to be a true threat in jump-ball situations. He’s an excellent route-runner (a bit reminiscent of Rashad Greene), which frequently allows him to put defenders out of position:

Keon Coleman. 6’4 185 pound 4-star out of Opelousas Catholic School (Opelousas, LA). He recently received an offer from FSU. Coleman is also a star on the hardwood and track, and he uses that athleticism to make an impact on both sides of the ball. He has an ideal frame for WR, standing a legit 6’4” with the ability to add another 25-30 pounds of muscle without losing his athleticism. He can stretch the field and is deceptively fast with his long-striding style. Coleman likely has the highest ceiling of the WR recruits FSU is pursuing, but is raw in some technical areas. He has a tendency to rely too much on his athleticism against weaker competition. However, get this—Coleman caught 35 balls last year, and a staggering 22 went for touchdowns. If he puts it all together, he’ll be in the NFL:

Chauncey Magwood. 6’0 185 pound 3-star from Lee County High School (Leesburg, GA). Magwood received an offer from the Seminoles in February and attended FSU’s March Junior Day. Magwood displays steady hands and above average route-running skills. He profiles as a slot WR and has good burst off the line. He isn’t afraid to get physical or go across the middle for the tough catch:

Ra’heim “Rocket” Sanders. 6’2 210 pound 3-star from Rockledge High School (Rockledge, FL). He received an offer from Florida State in January and visited the ’Noles in March. Sanders is nicknamed “Rocket” for a reason—his highlights show that once he has a step on his defender, they’ll have an excellent view of the back of his jersey, as he pulls away, making them look foolish. While the previous prospects all profile solely as receivers, Sanders is versatile enough to see time in the backfield, as well:

Coach Norvell and crew did an outstanding job getting these prospects to campus in March, ensuring the garnet and gold was on each of their minds before the recruiting freeze. Top prospects from Louisiana are exceptionally difficult to pull from the LSU Tigers, but Pazon has been a priority for this staff and recently named the Seminoles his top school. FSU will look to land him and a few others from this list, while also looking for other emerging players for the ’21 class.


I’ll also add this- I think every one of the names listed above is a take for FSU

They’re obviously not all ranked the same on the staff’s board, but I’d be thrilled to have the WR class consist of 3-4 of these guys. No character concerns for any of them to my knowledge, all seem like great kids. Despite the various strengths across the board, note that each one of them is 6’ or taller.

These guys are all 4 star prospects to me right now, and I’d rank them:
Pazon (High 4 star)
Coleman (High 4 star)
Burrell (Mid 4 star)
BlackStrain (Mid 4 star)
Sanders (Low 4 star)
Magwood (Low 4 star, could make an argument for high 3 star)

Love it.

Let’s get 3 or 4 of these guys and build this program brick-by-brick!

Always good to see:

Love it!!!

Hope Luke is texting these dudes regularly!

Is BlackStrain a Native American? I’m not sure I’ve seen capitalization in the middle of the last name like that before.

Good list – also nice to see that commits and players are keeping an eye on the site.

Not sure what's up w/ the spelling...

All of their films were fun to watch.

Burrell and BlackStrain’s might have been the most impressive.


Can someone put links to film for these targets? Some of us old guys have a hard time finding. Is it on YouTube or must you belong to one of the scouting websites?

Yeah. They’re all on Hudl. Give me a few.

Great recommendation, we’ll try to remember to do that moving forward!


Thanks!!! I love watching these and day-dreaming of the seasons to come….

Can we get Rocket and Fat please?

Though the innuendo would get bad.

Is it just me?

Or did someone else immediately think of nicknaming James "AndromedaStrain"? Just me? Okay…

FSU in Fatt's top-5 (as expected):

The size of the guys remind me of 2010 all over again

Not a single 5 star on the list

. . . fire Norvell.

Seriously, though. Thanks for the run down on these targets. Seems like WR recruiting is going well. Is Dugans a big factor? I’m surprised his time in Miami doesn’t seem to be getting us any traction down south.

Got a ways 2 go

Not thrilled with the WR board at all. I’m not looking for 5 stars but where’s the big time potential or athleticism with theses guys?! Pazon, he’s a take no doubt hopefully FSU signs him. But the rest of the board leaves a lot to be desired.

Coleman, Blackstrain, Burrell all are solid prospects but nothing jumps out at me on their highlight tapes. There’s a few really nice catches but I’m not seeing much suddenness, speed or anything big time with these guys. I see a few JAG’s out there with those 3. Coleman was hard to tell with Highlight Tape being shot from the moon.

However, Sanders and Magwood do show that suddenness, speed and just overall raw potential that can be molded. Those 2 do show some stuff on tape that does kinda jump out. I’m much higher on those 2 than the other 3. Even still, would like to see us get on some other WR’s who show some big time potential on tape. The don’t have to be polished cuz those would be the 5 star guys. But at FSU we should be able to get on guys with more raw potential.

Are you serious?

Not thrilled with the WR board at all.

I feel the exact OPPOSITE.

Gotta say I disagree with most of what you said but always like reading different perspectives

I look at all of the guys aside from Pazon as possessing a lot of raw potential that can be molded but maybe we define that term differently. Who are some of the raw potential WR targets out there that you’d like to see FSU get more involved with?

(thank you for being more constructive in your criticism---I'm still a work in progress...)

I disagree, many people think you already are a piece of work. <img src="//fonts.voxmedia.com/emoji/unicode/1f60a.png" alt=":blush:" class="emoji">

<img src="//fonts.voxmedia.com/emoji/unicode/1f602.png" alt=":joy:" class="emoji">

Well Jacorey Brooks a 5 star wideout

Going to Scum runs a 4.83 forty.

Other Prospects

These are some prospects I’d like FSU to get in on:

Tommi Hill, Orlando FL: Good size, strong build, fast and plays physical. Shifty in spall spaces for a compact build. Tough after the catch to bring down. He’s a strider with good burst and pulls away from defenders on the long ball. Plays with an edge. Definitely a 4 star prospect.

Jaden Alexis, Pompano Beach FL: Dangerous in the open field, shifty and sudden as well. Not a burner but good top end speed. Can go up and get it for his size. Plays a lot slot. Reminds me of Kenny Shaw. Play w/ edge and shows some big game potential. Has a nice offer list and probably will get a bump in the rankings.

Derwin Burgess, Riverdale GA – Criminally under ranked. Dangerous in the open field, very shifty. Probably won’t take the top off a defensive but good enough speed that can take it distance. Can really jump! Overall very good athlete. Might project better as safety, looks REALLY good there too.

Christian Lewis – I’m shocked by his ranking! Easily a 4 star prospect, he jumps off the tape to me. Tall and rangy prospect with good speed and is jump ball king. Huge upside. Reminds me of Terry, super underrated prospect w/ big time athleticism. Would Love for FSU to get on him.

These are the prospects I narrowed down that’s underrated that FSU could get in on.
I Like these prospects better than all FSU’s current WR targets not named Pazon.

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