Florida State football makes top-10 for 5* OT Amarius Mims

Amarius Mims (Twitter)

On Tuesday, the Florida State Seminoles made the cut for one elite offensive tackle’s final list, when Micah Morris announced FSU made his top 5. On Wednesday, another top offensive tackle, Amarius Mims, dropped his top 10 list, and FSU made the cut, once again:

Mims is a 5* instant-impact player who is considered one of the top offensive tackles in the nation. He is listed as the number one player in the state of Georgia and a prospect that every single college program would love to land. Mims, like Morris, plays his high school ball in Georgia. The home State Georgia Bulldogs have long been considered the favorite to land his services.

Mims is listed at 6’7, 315 pounds and would immediately challenge for a starting tackle spot in Tallahassee were he to commit to the Seminoles. Although FSU is not considered the favorite, OL Coach Alex Atkins continues to make serious waves on the recruiting trail. It’s good to see FSU at least being considered by top players.


Okay. April 01. You got me.

I suppose I would rather be included than excluded,

and I suppose you have to start being included before you are chosen, but is there any reason to believe he will really chose the Noles? That said, he is a South Georgia boy and have had great success with South Georgia linemen in the past.

FSU definitely has ground to make up on his main schools (Bama, UGA, etc...), IMO.

But, yes, it’s good to be included again.

He put FSU in his top ten without having visited with the new staff in person yet, and Atkins is the reason

None of us on the recruiting staff are holding our breaths for him, but you get him on campus and stranger things have happened.

Maybe he has a soft spot for honey fried chicken

Which comes first, the soft spot or the honey fried chicken?

Doesnt hurt either to have FSU listed as a potential destination

Puts others on notice we are trending in the right direction. I havent exactly paid attention but I also havent noticed that stupid orange/green logo on a lot of these lists.

Sadly, the Gators are the mix for a lot of top talent.

I was referring to miami.

But yes you are correct.

Haha---all the rivals have orange, huh? <img src="//fonts.voxmedia.com/emoji/unicode/1f633.png" alt=":flushed:" class="emoji">

I guess so haha

I was kinda in the mindset of school colors, where UF is orange and blue.

Yeah, but the crocodile is green...

Swamp Lizard is green

I had forgotten

Try to ignore anything uf related as much as possible. It’s kinda like looking at the sun, stare too long and you’ll hurt your eyes.

Imagine if we start winning again...

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