4* QB Nicco Marchiol discusses Florida State offer

Nicco Marchiol (Twitter)

Tuesday, we profiled Class of 2022 quarterback MJ Morris.

Wednesday we profiled classmate Ty Simpson.

Today, we finish our ’22 QB series with Nicco Marchiol, a 6’2 216 pound quarterback from Chandler, AZ.

Marchiol attends Hamilton High School and has a 90 rating (4*) from 247 Sports. They consider him the 224th best player in his class (5th best pro-style QB and 3rd best player in Arizona).

The Class of 2022 prospect already holds offers from Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Louisville, LSU, Michigan, Michigan State, Mississippi State, Nebraska, Penn State, TCU, Utah, and Washington State, among others.

He received an offer from Florida State in early March:

TN recently caught up with Marchiol to learn more about his recruitment and his reaction to the FSU offer:

How’d you receive the offer?

I spoke with Coach (Tony) Tokarz (Senior Offensive Analyst for QBs) first, and he had said Coach (Kenny) Dillingham (OC) was going to give me a call the following day. So Coach Dillingham was the one [who] initially offered.”

Did you have a prior relationship with anyone on the FSU staff, and what’d the offer mean to you?

“I didn’t have a relationship with anyone previously, but soon became very close with Coach Dillingham, as we speak on a weekly basis. The Florida State offer really meant a lot to me because they have a profound history of good quarterbacks and outstanding coaches to play behind. I could definitely see myself with Coach Norvell and the staff.”

What’s their pitch to you about FSU and how they see you fitting into the program?

“They told me I would be the perfect fit for their type of offense because their offense requires a quarterback who is a great leader, and a very smart player on the field. They told me I’d have the ability to check out of certain plays and audible to certain things that I see during the game.”

Nice—every QB likes to hear that, right?

“Haha definitely. I love the amount of trust they have in their QBs.”

How would you describe your game to people who haven’t seen you play?

“I think I bring a great combination of a pro-style QB, and a dual-threat. I have the ability to make plays when I’m out of the pocket and keep my eyes down field.”

What QBs do you model your game after?

“Marcus Mariota and Russell Wilson—guys who are great on and off the field.”

You have a pretty solid offer list at the moment. It’s obviously early, but where would you say Florida State stands at the moment?

“Florida State stands high in my liking. I really enjoy everything about the coaches and the program and would definitely consider playing there in the near future.”

What schools are standing out for you at the moment?

“The schools that are standing out to me the most right now are Florida, Florida State, Michigan, Mississippi State, and TCU.”

Obviously, COVID-19 has brought recruiting to a halt, but what plans do you have to visit Tallahassee?

“I had a number of visits planned such as Clemson, Michigan, TCU, and the Gators before all of this virus business started. My family and I definitely plan to make the trip down to Tallahassee.”

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