Florida State football commit analysis: Hunter Washington

Hunter Washington (Twitter)

What type of player is Hunter Washington? We’ll break down his film and give you our thoughts and analysis.

Scouting Report:

Long corners are something every football coach desires. Mike Norvell and the rest of the Seminoles’ coaching staff found a good one in Washington. Let’s look at a few traits that make this a good take for FSU.

1: Run fitter

You’ll see in the clips a corner willing to fit in the run-game. Washington comes up, plays sound football, and unloads on offensive players. This is a young man who can play in the boundary and be counted on to be in the right place and make plays against the run. Pay attention to how he turns plays back inside, tackles with a purpose, and leverages the ball:

2: Scheme diverse

Watching Washington’s clips, you see him play zone and back pedal in man coverage. This is encouraging from a prospect because he can step in and be diverse. You hear players talk about playing press-man, or described as a Cover 2 corner, but Washington can do both. You also get a sense of whether he can play safety by observing him play from depth. Diversity in today’s game is crucial to stopping modern spread offenses:

3: Playmaker

We all want a corner who can make plays, and Washington shows an ability to intercept and return. Washington plays tight, fundamental coverage by staying low in transition and using good eyes to drive and make plays on the ball. However, making a play on the ball is just the start—you must also possess the speed and ability to finish. Washington has shown those qualities:


Nice work here, Coach---Noles got a good one in Washington!

Thanks Josh

Seeing folks talk about him being a nickel. I’m not sure I agree with that being his future at FSU but we will see. I think the young man could play in the boundary or be a field safety.


I’m in the camp that he eventually gets transitioned to field safety as well. However, definitely talented enough to play corner.

Gotta love corners from Texas

So many good/great passing teams in Texas, most corners from Texas have the ball skills and ability to plan man or zone by the time they reach college. If he’s legit 5’11 and likes to be physical I can see him getting playing time early vs. the spread teams in our league. We gotta find the dogs who can cover the Clemson, Carolina and NC State wideouts.

2020 #3 Overall Pick

CB from Grand Prairie, TX by way of Ohio State.

Great information.

Love we have a future NFLer coming to town. When you guys give write ups about these prospects, any chance you can give us a current or past FSU player who most approximates incoming recruit’s talents? It would be helpful for us to envision how he fits in.

I can try that

Sometimes it’s Unfair to put those expectations on kids.

That and there's not always a ton of great tape to compare.

I certainly understand that.

I would love to have the talent to be compared to Deion, but man what a yoke to wear!

I have to admit

that I am not football savvy when looking at plays. In my opinion this is a well coached defensive unit. In the 1st clip where the ball was thrown and the offense had a good blocking scheme in place. The guys rushing the QB immediately released and was able to prevent a long play from happening.

They did not stop and stand around after the ball was thrown and those guys were the ones making the tackle. I realize these were high lite clips so there is that.

Katy is one of the best programs in America.

So yeah they are very well coached and their kids are typically very well developed.

Beat me to this

6a football in Texas is one of the top5 divisions in the nation imo.Katy is usually ranked in the top 15 nationally. Unlike some schools, it’s not just based on talent either. They are extremely well coached.

Coach Joseph

He’s been there pretty much my entire life. He has moved plenty of kids to the FBS level in his time.

Texas 6A was created, essentially, for a group of like 8 high schools that had/have ridiculous enrollment numbers. It’s only grown from there. You’ve got the entire Houston area as 6A, all the El Paso schools and another group from North Texas from all over the metroplex.

Routine 6A powers would be Allen, Duncanville, Cedar Hill/Desoto, Guyer (Denton), Trinity (Euless), Southlake Carroll, North Shore (Galena Park – Fort Hood area – Zach Evans for immediacy recollection) and Lake Travis and Westlake from Austin.

At any given time, you can find 4 or 5 of the above teams in the national Top 20. There is actually very little "recruiting" being done as these are all public schools and Texas doesn’t have the option to select schools as long as you live within county lines.

That was entirely unsolicited, my apologies, but I wanted to give a little bit of information for down the road when we start offering more and more out this way.

Love the background

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