5/31 UPDATE: WR Joshua Burrell commits to Florida State

Joshua Burrell (Twitter)

The Florida State Seminoles added their first receiver to the #Tribe21 class when Joshua Burrell announced his commitment to the ’Noles. He becomes the eighth member of the class, joining Luke Altmyer, Joshua Farmer, Dequaveon Fuller, Branden Jennings, Jake Slaughter, Hunter Washington, and Kevin Knowles.

Burrell had been considered an FSU lean for some time before making his commit public Friday on Instagram Live and later added his commitment video to make it official:

The 6’3, 212 pound (self-reported) wide receiver from Blythewood, SC is ranked 456th nationally overall, and the 75th best receiver (3rd best player in South Carolina). Tomahawk Nation listed Burrell in the trending targets section of our wide receiver recruiting article. Here’s an excerpt from our own NoleThruandThru regarding Burrell’s abilities:

Burrell is a big and bulky receiver and uses that to his advantage on the field, bullying defenders and using his body to shield. He also routinely leaves defenders in his tracks with his speed. The first word that comes to mind when watching Burrell is “dynamic,” and it’s easy to see why he’s one of the top players in the Carolinas.

Burrell is currently ranked a high 3-star (88 rating) on the 247 Sports Composite List, but he possesses the size and abilities to move up the rankings before enrolling.

Be sure to keep up with all things Florida State recruiting in our TN recruiting thread.

UPDATE 5/31 12:35 PM:

Burrell on when he told the staff he was committing to Florida State:

“It’s actually funny story. The whole day I was telling (Coach) Dillingham I wasn’t ready, and I needed more time. Then, I had a FaceTime with them set for that night, and I asked for a spot on the team if they would have me. They were all surprised (Norvell, Dugans and Dillingham) and were all excited for me. Coach Norvell said he’s glad I didn’t lead him the wrong direction, or else he’d be jumping through the phone at me lol.”


Chop it up!

Yay!!! Welcome home!

Love this!!!

Was looking for this reply. You loved him in the state of recruiting article.

I really do. Love his upside- not as high as Coleman but still high

This will be your classic Physical bully of a WR- not afraid of contact, will knock DBs on their butts and look back and smile at em as he crosses the goal line.

Looking forward to your FULL scouting report on JB... <img src="//fonts.voxmedia.com/emoji/unicode/1f609.png" alt=":wink:" class="emoji">

Thanks NT&T, but...

I have used up all my eligibility

Someone else is fired up...

Did the FSU media division do the commit video on his twitter account? Pretty nice.

I don't think they're allowed to until they sign, but I agree that it was impressive!

Welcome to Tribe21!

Pumped about this one

Up to 31 in the rankings.


young bull. Excited for you and your family and now the Nole family. FEAR THE SPEAR

Nice haul.

Looks big and strong on his tape, may not have 4.25 speed(close though) he does have a 4.25 gpa…..
Me likey

Love this style of receiver. We could always use an Anquan Boldin type at FSU.

Welcome Joshua!!

Nole nation is thrilled to have you part of "the family". Looking forward to watching you tear it up on Saturdays!!


Decent pickup…Burrell is solid, not a special talent or player but solid. Not excited by this pickup cuz he’s not a high upside 3 but at least FSU knows what they’re getting in him tough, aggressive WR. Koo.

We’ll have a scout in the next day or so.

Hopefully, it’ll help sway your thoughts. He’s underrated. He’s going to a really physical, solid possession receiver.

Added a comment from Burrell on the coaches' reaction when he told them he was committing.

Will have a full scouting report up soon, & an interview w/ JB later this week!

I love that we have another big receiver on board!!!

Welcome aboard!!!!

Looks like a DE

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