Offensive Lineman Kimo Makaneole commits to Florida State

Niceville OT Kimo Makaneole received an offer from Florida State and immediately committed to head coach Mike Norvell, the prospect confirmed to Tomahawk Nation on Sunday before tweeting out the news himself:

Makaneole is a three star offensive guard prospect rated as the 29th best offensive guard in the 2021 class. At 6’4, 280 pounds, he has a large frame to grow into as a developmental prospect.

Kimo has attracted offers from Arizona State, Boston College, Colorado, Duke, Kansas, Louisville, Mississippi State, Missouri, NC State, Pittsburgh, Texas A&M, UCF, and Virginia Tech, among others. His commitment came very quickly after his conversation with FSU offensive line coach Alex Atkins - with whom he has a good relationship, according to Warchant:

“Me and Coach Atkins have a really good relationship,” the rising senior said. “Me and him always talk about things that I need to fix with my game from my junior year. He clearly wants to help me become a better player and succeed overall. He really cares about his players. It says a lot that he’s doing this even though I haven’t been offered yet. Everything Coach Atkins tells you is very genuine and is straight-forward.”

Makaneole is FSU’s 14th commitment for the 2021 class, and the second offensive line commitment after Jake Slaughter flipped to Florida last week.

Stay tuned to TN, as we’ll have more on Makaneole soon, and, as always, make sure to talk all things FSU recruiting in the most recent recruiting thread.



good start. but i want more.

A kid a few of us have talked about off and on.

Definitely has potential.

Clearly moving down the board, though, if we're being honest (and we always aim to shoot straight at TN).

Not disagreeing

But I yearn for the 29th best offensive line in college football. If we hypothetically signed 5 total OL, 1 at each position, and the overall rating was 29th overall, I’d take it (for 2021 class only).

Another kid to keep my eye on more closely now here in Niceville...

Please do!!

Hopefully Kimo will help with Azareyeh Thomas (’22 stud safety)

I text with Coach Grant Thompson

(we grew up together) so I can keep an eye and ear out.

That’s awesome. FSU is after Azareyeh Thomas (stud ‘22 safety) as well

We may be putting out a graphic for the Niceville boys soon…

Most importantly....

You can’t spell Nole without Makaneole.

better said as -

You can’t say Makaneole without ‘NOLE’!

Except it's pronounced

Mach-ah-knee-oh-lay (at least it is if it’s Hawaiian). I don’t know why you tourists have such a hard time time with our language! The vowel sounds are always the same.

I think he is of Maori decent from NZ. The "All Blacks" national Rugby team are quite impressive down under. An amazingly beautiful country sitting on a huge fault line. See it while you can.

You also can not spell

an alone lemon kneel on a leek without Makaneole

Love it!

Whenever someone commits to the Noles

An Angel gets its wings.

We need more angels!

and wings, buffalo style

Not what I was expecting a healthguy to say, but I’m with you.

Awesome size at 6’5" 285lbs

And he looks like a solid, strong 285lbs. Doesn’t seem to be one if those soft bodied o-lineman.

Where are all the comments?

This is an offensive lineman. This news has been posted for Over two hours. Nine comments for something rarer than Water on Mars.

People are in a state of shock and awe?

Not much to complain about

Comment sections are always more full when people can complain.

I think it may have been after Clemson? '13 for sure there was a

Comment section that had like 50 or 60 comments in a row go green. All positive. That was quite a bit of fun. Exception that proves the rule, but still pretty awesome

The panhandle of Florida holds potential

for more quality players to come to FSU. While the panhandle does not produce the quantity of players the peninsula does, the quality is definitely here. Over the years I’ve watched as good and great players right here in the I 10 corridor go to to nearby SEC schools as well as other conferences. Finally, we have a coach who seems willing to work the panhandle and doesn’t ignore his backyard.

Maybe with time panhandle players will be the norm at FSU or "Norvellized."

Rec'd. This is true. Anything west of Tally on I-10, FSU should own. There is a always quality in the area.

Pensacola, Panama City, Milton, Niceville, Crestview, Quincy, Chipley, Blountstown etc….FSU should be very present in and around those areas.

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