2021 receiver Malik McClain commits to Florida State

This morning, Florida State Seminoles football received a surprise in commitment from 2021 3-star wide receive Malik McClain. McClain plays his high school football at IMG Academy and hails from Alabama.

McClain is a big-bodied receiver who the Seminoles have turned the recruiting heat up on recently. In addition to FSU, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Miami and Kentucky were some of the schools who had offered the wide receiver prospect.

Mike Norvell and staff have made it a priority to get bigger bodies at the outside WR positions. Norvell and company have had success using bigger bodies at past stops.

As always, Norvell offers his excited thoughts when a player commits:

You can take a look at McClain’s junior season film:

To get caught up on all the latest information and news about FSU’s moves on the recruiting trail and ask any questions you might have about #Tribe21 and beyond, head to our Florida State football recruiting thread.


Solid Pickup

Kid is 6’4" and 195lbs per 247.

The run block on the 4th highlight… poor kid got blocked in to a backflip. Sold a run block in to a seam very well later on.

Dugans will get the footwork ironed out, but it looks as though this kid knows how to use his body well and high pointed a couple balls in there.

Love to see positive news and a commitment after the last day or two

Especially at the WR position. Any impact on a Pazon commitment?

We do not believe so.

Pazon has a spot no matter what. Could impact them continuing to recruit Keon Coleman though.

FSU is still the overwhelming favorite for Pazon

love the take! welcome malik!

Obviously with his measureables, I immediately think Terry's successor...

but is his game really comparable to TT or is there another big body WR he might remind us of?


Intriguing prospect, looks the part of physical mismatch especially when he gets in the FSU weight room and he’s already got a good build. Looks like Micheal Thomas, not super athletic but fast enough and wins with size. If he was the floor of our WR class I would be excited but he’s the better of our 2 current commits. Hopefully FSU can close out with more speed/athleticism at WR and Pazon would be great if he ever comes on. But overall nice get and some MUCH needed good news and momentum!

Burrell is better IMO

So, if we land Pazon...

are through at receiver? Also how would you grade the trio of Burrell, McClain and Pazon?

It’ll be interesting to see how many they take- I’m still Guessing no more than 4

I’d love to see them circle back around and flip Coleman or Rocket Sanders for that final spot.

Even if it’s just those three, I’d still think it would be among the top WR classes in the ACC. Burrell is a low 4 star in my eyes, Pazon a mid-high 4, and McClain a high 3 or low 4.

thanks NT&T

Why was it a surprise?

Didn’t think he commit to FSU?
Didn’t think he’d commit this soon?
Scared of competition?
Is a silent to Tennessee?

whats his level of competition?


He does play for IMG Academy.

Prior he was at Daphne (AL)

Pretty good competition. Daphne has put out some good athletes.

in a lot of those clips he looks like a man among middle-school kids

He looks bigger than 195

And he’s jacked.

Any flexibility to be used as a flex-TE and/or H-Back?

The WR recruits this year got some size. Gonna be interesting to see what the WR room looks like in 2-3 years.

Very excited about this as well!!

Gonna be interesting to see what the WR room looks like in 2-3 years.

Oh great, a McClain, any relation to John?

…and so begins the never ending debate, Diehard 1, or Diehard 2, or 3?….
Diehard 2, of course!

that's John McClane

and Die Hard is clearly the best – unless John McClain and Diehard are completely unrelated

The debate isn’t over which one is best, it’s whether it’s a Christmas movie or not

What debate?

I think theres a pretty obvious answer

There’s no debate

It’s a fact it is indeed a Christmas movie

You’re dead to me...

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